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5 Tips for Cycling with Kids

As a parent, you’re responsible for the health and wellbeing of your children. One of the best ways to ensure your kids are healthy and happy is to make sure they eat a well balanced diet and get some form of exercise every day. Being active as a family is a great way to make sure your kids stay. Cycling with your kids is an excellent activity that is enjoyable for everyone in the family.  Check out these 5 Tips for Cycling with Kids.

5 Tips for Cycling with Kids

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Healthy eating

Healthy eating is my first tip because it is important that kids are fueled properly before they exercise. So, ensuring they eat a well balanced diet full of vegetables, fruits and whole grains is essential. Sometimes it is hard to keep kids on track with their diet. There are innovative ways for kids to maintain a healthy weight and eat the right foods, such as Kurbo by Weight Watchers.


The next consideration to keep in mind is safety. Your kids should wear protective helmets when they ride their bikes to help protect them from accidents. It also makes sense for them to wear clothing to help protect their arms and legs from injuries.

On the subject of cycling safety, it’s vital your kids know about safe cycling in public. There will undoubtedly be times where they ride their bikes alongside motor vehicles. It pays to teach them the observation skills and road rules for cyclists before you all venture out.

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Before you head out on your ride with the kids make sure to discuss how you will safely communicate with them. It is important to be able to use hand signals, so they know when you will be turning or where there may be potholes in the road.  

Riding the right bike

The one thing you should never do is let your kids ride bicycles that aren’t designed for their size or needs. For example, younger children may benefit from smaller bikes with rear stabilizers to help them balance as they ride.

As you know, bicycles are available to purchase in a variety of different sizes. There is no “one size fits all” option in the world of bikes. With that in mind, it pays to have your children’s bicycle needs adequately assessed by a bicycle specialist.

You should also keep in mind that kids grow in size quite quickly! A bicycle that was the perfect size for your son or daughter last year may not necessarily be okay this year. Have each child’s bicycle size needs assessed annually.

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Last but not least, it makes sense to make available some fresh water for each of your kids to drink during your bicycle journeys together. You could carry some water and cups in a backpack, or fit each bike with a water bottle. If you do use a water bottle holder on the bikes, the safest thing to do is stop to take water breaks rather than drink from the bottles while riding. Newer riders and even experienced ones can lost their balance while trying to reach for their bottle while riding.

So Tell Me…

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How do you stay active with your family? Do you enjoy biking with your kids? Is there a favorite safety tip you have to share?

Thank you so much for stopping by. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. Have a great week!