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Choosing a Bike for Your First Triathlon


So you’re getting prepped for your first triathlon? It’s an exciting time with plenty of training ahead. One of the most important tasks is choosing the right bike.

Which type of bike for a triathlon?

If you’re preparing for a triathlon your first thought might be that you’ll need a triathlon bike. However, if you’re a beginner, you might also consider a road bike.

People riding bikes in a triathlon.

What are triathlon bikes?

As the name suggests, triathlon bikes are especially designed for triathlon events. They are built for a fast ride and designed for riding in straight lines. The geometry of the frame makes them different from road bikes, they are designed to position the upper body forward and lower to the ground. For this reason, the transition can be easier, and these bikes make for an aerodynamic ride. You’ll certainly be able to go faster on a tri bike, yet if you’re not used to the speed it’s advisable to take it easy. Regardless of the benefits, triathlon bikes can be difficult for beginners to handle. If it’s your first tri event you might find that a road bike is preferable.

What are road bikes? 

Road bikes are designed for riding on paved surfaces, one of the key benefits of a road bike is versatility. Road bikes are incredibly easy to handle, meaning they are ideal for beginners. These bikes are not designed for a triathlon specifically, however they are a great option for competing in your first triathlon. Road bikes were created for many different surfaces and various conditions. Whether you’re planning a long bike ride or a triathlon sprint, these bikes won’t let you down.

Key factors to consider

1 . An easily adjustable bike

When you’re choosing a bike for a triathlon you’ll want to choose an easily adjustable bike. Any bike can be adjusted, however, some bikes can be difficult to adjust, (or have limited options). Before you make a decision, ensure that you know how to move the aero bars or handlebars, check that you are comfortable doing this.

2. Consider your budget 

Before you start bike shopping you’ll want to have some idea of your budget. You can spend a lot of money on a new bike, or you can keep things affordable. It all depends on how much money you can spare, and how much use you’re going to get out of your bike. Generally speaking, a triathlon bike is more expensive than a road bike.

3. Choose a trusted brand

When you’re choosing a new bike you’ll want to choose a reputable and quality brand. Take your time to do your research, check out reviews, and ask your friends. Choosing a brand you trust will give you peace of mind on the roads.

4. Triathlon training 

Once you’ve chosen the right bike you’ll need to start your triathlon training. The training process helps you to get accustomed to your new bike before the big event. If you’ve chosen a road bike you can always have aero bars fitted onto your bike. Aim to practice at least twice every week, and get to know the course to help you out.

Once you’ve completed your first triathlon event you’ll likely be keen to get back out there! Using these tips you’ll find a bike that suits your needs.