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Ironman Training: The Waiting Game

Right now, I am waiting…waiting to see what happens with my Right knee.  At this point a week ago, my biggest concern was that I could not turn my head and I had such limited range of motion with my right shoulder that it took me 10 minutes to put on my bra. Not to mention, I had my 6 year old daughter brush my hair because I couldn’t reach my head.  After a friend of mine, who is a chiropractor, texted me to see if I was doing ok, it occurred to me that, “Maybe I should see someone for all this?”.    I had cleaned all my wounds by myself on Saturday and I was doing some damn good daily debridements and dressing changes on my own!  At this point, yes..I might need a little help, I’ll blame my lack of response to myself on the concussion.

I ended up being seen for my ailments on Tuesday.  I was directed to ice and do some gradual shoulder and neck exercises, which I was diligent about doing.  My right knee was really too swollen to assess at this point. However, because I could sort of walk, I thought maybe I could bike or run?  Ummm, No…”walking with a limp would be a clear sign of not being able to do these things” I was told. Once again, I would like to blame my irrational thinking on the blow to the head.

The past week has been spent mostly resting and waiting to see how I felt each day.  I have not felt great, but have been able to get out for long walks each day with my dogs.  I went to work last Thursday and was fine, but realized that day just how fuzzy my brain was trying to think and focus on a computer screen.  (side note: I was doing QA, not taking care of patients)

Every day I thought, tomorrow I will go for a short run or bike; however, each day was a disappointment as my knee was swollen and I still had a limp. By Saturday, which had been a full week since the accident, I realized the knee might be a serious problem.  I started to research alternatives for Ironman Mont Tremblant, only to realize that almost every race was sold out, except Ironman Cozumel. I love Mexico, but I don’t want to ride my bike on those roads, not to mention the expense and inconvenience of it all.  When I go to Mexico, it’s to enjoy a Fiesta and Margaritas, not to lay down 140.6 miles of anything.

At this point, I have 6 weeks until the race.  It is too late to transfer or get any sort of refund, very frustrating!  I was upset, feeling a bit sorry for myself, crying, etc.  I played out every scenario…the “why me?”…”it’s not fair”…”one stupid split second ruined my…”  Thankfully, I stopped short there. “Ruined my what?”  Nothing was ruined.  Yes, I may have a knee injury rendering me unable to do the Ironman this August.  However, I have seen one split second End Lives or Completely Devastate them to the point that they will never function the same again over my years in ICU Nursing.  So, “my second”,  may make the time frame different…but, Who Cares?  As my husband said, we can plan it for next year, it’s ok!

I go to see an Orthopedic Surgeon tomorrow, and no matter what, it will be ok!