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Tips to Avoid Knee Pain While Running

Knee pain, sometimes referred to as “runner’s knee” is a common issue associated with running. Many people relate the discomfort to the act of simply “pounding the pavement” for miles. However, often times, running itself is not what causes knee pain. It’s the way that you run that can lead to pain and injury. Although treating knee pain is getting simpler all the time, if you can learn to run with proper form and recovery, with minimal impact or stress on your knees. 

How can I avoid knee pain while running?

You can protect your joints with supplements like Glucosamine Chondroitin, along with some of these methods to improve your running technique. This will help you to avoid knee pain and make sure you can run for many more years without having to give it up due to injury.

Tips for Proper Running Form

Avoid Heel Striking

Don’t over-stride or let your feet get ahead of you. Be careful to never step past your knees, and let your legs swing rearward, not forward. When your feet land in front of your knees, you are putting on the brakes every strike of your foot. This sends an impact to your knees, which are designed to absorb that kind of shock. 

All of this impact on your knees will lead to joint pain or sore muscles. If this happens to you, listen to what your body is telling you. Change the way you stride, or you could end up having to stop running. 

Instead, always lean from your ankles and let your stride open up behind you. Your foot should land beneath you instead of in front of you. 

Don’t Lift Your Knees When You Run

This is the opposite of a lot of traditional running advice, which says you should lift your knees and reach forward for a longer stride. This advice works for sprinters but is not how you should run for long distances. Lifting your knees will make your feet hit the ground in front of your body, affecting your stride. 

Instead, keep your knees swinging low. At the back end of each stride you take, bend your knees, and let your heels float up behind you. Always think, knees down, heels up. 

Lean Your Whole Body Forward

Remember that anytime that you foot lands in front of your body, you will be putting the brakes on. The shock of decelerating like this is going to go straight into your knees. Instead, make sure you always try to land in a midfoot strike. 

Keep Your Knees Soft And Bent

A lot of runners are guilty of over-striding, and then straightening their knees as they land. This creates an enormous amount of impact on your heel and your knee. Instead, make a pact with yourself that you won’t straighten your legs when you run. 

Taking proper care of your knees should be your top priority if you want to keep running for years to come. Reducing torque and impact are the best places to work on your running form. You’ll be grateful for the effort you’ve made every time you lace up your running shoes. 

So Tell Me…

Have you ever experienced knee pain while running? Do you pay attention to your form when hitting the road for a run?

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