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Easy Tips for Exercise Motivation

Exercising is an ongoing thing. If you want to reach those body goals, you need to create a regime that you can stick to. Luckily, there are a lot of great tried and tested methods to stay on track, get to your goal, and maintain it. Sometimes, you need to do a little forethought and think outside the box to reach that goal. So, let’s take a look at some ways you can achieve it:

Create Goals

If you want to get anywhere, then it helps if you know what it is you want to do. Maybe your goal is simply to lose weight and inches, fit into that dress, or complete that marathon. Whatever your goal write it down. Writing it makes it more of a statement of intent than a thought that has no gravity. If you have a large goal like running a marathon, it may help if you break this goal down into smaller and more achievable chunks, like running 1km then 5km, etc. Each time you reach one of your incremental goals, you should reward yourself. 

Go On a Shopping Trip

Before you start working out, a lot of people will want to purchase the right things to aid their journey. We’re not suggesting that you shell out a fortune for home gym equipment, but you should buy the right clothes, a high-quality water bottle, and even a workout backpack to pack all of your things into. Doing this can really get you in the mood to work out, providing you with the inspiration that you need to take that next step forward.

Make it as Fun as Possible

It can be very boring if all your training consists of the same things. Running, for instance, can be very solitary, so you may want to mix this up with other forms of exercise. First off, playing music is a great idea as it makes it so much easier. It takes your mind off the pain and the monotony. Also, maybe join a group, or do some other form of aerobic exercise. A dance class could help, and you would probably use different muscles, which may actually enhance your running. HIIT can also be a lot of fun. Also, doing this with friends can make it a social thing. Why not invest in some home equipment, too, like a cross fit and an endless rope trainer. The more variety you can get in your exercise regime, the less monotonous and boring it will seem.

Monitor Your Progress

Sometimes you may become disheartened if you cannot see any obvious improvement. However, you will be making improvements. A great way to stay motivated is to invest in some kind of monitoring equipment. By doing this, you will see your times reduce, or your lifting weight increase, even if you are having problems seeing this yourself. If weight loss is your goal and the scales are not playing ball, then seeing that you are improving will encourage you. Weight can take a while to start dropping off. Besides, in some cases, if you have built muscle where you didn’t have any before, you may well be weighing the same, but you will have lost fat. Perhaps using a tape measure is a better approach in this scenario. Create a Routine

If you can fit exercise into your daily routine and make it a habit, then it will be easier to stay with it. It doesn’t matter when you do this is, thirty minutes before you go to work, or in the evening before dinner, whatever suits you. The more entrenched you can make this habit, the better.  

Carola Jain

Wednesday 20th of July 2022

When it comes to staying motivated during workouts, I would agree that setting goals goes a long way. Ensuring that they're achievable is important, too.

Dashing Health

Wednesday 13th of July 2022

It's important to add that maintaining good vitamin C levels is important to combat free radicals generated during longer exercising periods.