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Ironman Training: Staying on Track

The kids got out of school for Summer vacation one week ago.  I love my sweet kiddos beyond all measure, but it feels like it’s been 2 months already!  We have kept very busy with going to the beach, the pool, gardening, biking, board games, movies, etc.  However, it has messed up my mojo with training….*sigh*  I thought I had it all figured out, but “the best laid plans of mice & men often go awry.”

                             (Last Day of School!)

Last week, was my most “non-compliant” week of training, as I only got in 3 days of the 6 of training.  However, when I look at my training log, I chuckle as I still put in 11+ hours in those days.

Here is what the training looked like:

-Monday: Rest Day, recovering from stomach bug…

-Tuesday: 45 Minute Recovery bike on the trainer, catching up on my talk shows! 🙂 Then, 4 mile run outside.

-Wednesday: “Big Crazy Brick”: 40 mile ride/4mile run, 25 mile ride/3 mile run, 15 mile ride/2 mile run, & 10 mile ride/1 mile run.  This day was a Biggie!  I secured a babysitter, as this was the kid’s first day out of school.  I felt guilty about doing this, but it was the only day it worked into the week, so I had to get it done.  I got up at 5am and did the first 40 miles of the Ironman Mont Tremblant course on my trainer, then hit 4 miles on the treadmill.  I got *most* of this done while the kids were sleeping.  Cue, babysitter!  Got the bike off the trainer and headed to South Freeport, where I could hit some hills for the rest of the workout.  Next up: 25 mile ride, followed by 3 mile run, which felt good, but I was ready to end it after the run, as each Brick needed to be done at a faster pace then the one before, which I managed, but it grew progressively harder to get myself back on the bike.  Next up: 15 mile ride followed by 2 mile run.  The ride was fine and I ran the 2 miles harder then the last 3 miler, but my mind was not in to getting back on that bleeping bike. It was not so much about pain, but about the time I was spending.  I still needed to go to the grocery store before I got home and I was not looking so hot, not to mention smelling of urine and sweat!   I did my negative vs. positive self-talk while I was running and ultimately, completing it won out!!  I did cut the bike a little short, as I wanted to get in the run and make it home in time.  So, biked about 7 1/2 miles and finished with a fast 1 mile run!  The feeling of accomplishment after doing this tough day was amazing!  I did a total of 90 miles on the bike and 10 miles running.

                         (Big Crazy Brick:DONE!)

-Thursday: Rest Day, that I spent at work…the job I get paid to do!! 🙂

-Friday: 2200 yard swim, followed by 3 mile run.

-Saturday: My scheduled 18 mile run that didn’t happen!  My husband and son were out of town, so my Mom (“Nonny”) was going to take my daughter for the day shopping and out to lunch.  Unfortunately,  Nonny called and sounded terrible, she was sick and had a sinus infection.  I attempted to get a babysitter in the neighborhood to come help me out so I could do my run, but no luck!  Then, I contemplated the treadmill, but it was a beautiful day and I could not in any form of good conscience have my daughter watch 3 hours of TV while I ran on the ‘mill.  She was already disappointed about missing her girl’s day with Nonny, so I took her on a special outing, which was so much fun.  I’m so glad I made that choice, we had a wonderful day and alone time with my little girl is invaluable.

                                            (Mommy & Daughter Outing!)

-Sunday: 4600 yard Open Water Swim planned.  I say Planned, again!  It did not happen, as it was raining, thundering, & lightening!  The entire day fell apart for a variety of reasons again…so it was another “unplanned’ rest day.  I felt terrible about missing 2 big workouts, especially the long run!  I have trained for 4 marathons and have never missed any of the sacred long runs!  I texted my Coach to let her know that everything had gone amiss and I wanted to do the 18 miler on Monday.  She got right back to me and reassured me that “everything would be ok!”  Then, she adjusted the next week of training to accommodate.  I can not imagine training for such a big event without having someone to help guide me.

-Monday: Long Run, take 2!  Ok, here we go, I have the day off, everyone is healthy and the babysitter showed up!  I have to admit it was hard for me to wrap my head around 18 miles after mucking up the past few days, but I forced myself into “auto-pilot”.  I drove to South Freeport to do my run as I wanted a change of scenery and Hills!  My home base was the YMCA.  I got there, parked my car, got my fuel belt ready and realized I had left my Water, Skratch (fluid/electrolytes), and salt tabs at home.  Seriously?  I was chickening out on the distance already, so I was not going home to get them.  I dug around my awesome Mom Van for stuff.  Thankful to find 2 1/2 empty bottles of water from the kids in the back seat and a snack pack of mini pretzels. This gave me 30 oz of water, salt, carbs, and I had my gels already in my fuel belt.  It was not overly hot, but the humidity was 100% so I stashed a $5 bill in case I needed to hit up a store for additional fluids.  The first 4 miles of the run were tough mentally, but the rest went great!  When I hit mile 18, I felt like I could go further and that made me happy! I ended up the day with a 1000 yard Recovery swim, which my legs thanked me for!

     (My long run in South Freeport, one of my favorite places to bike & run)

-Tuesday: Long Swim, take 2!  Once again, I hired a babysitter to come help me out.   I wanted to do this in open water, but again, it was thundering and lightening, so I HAD to take it to the pool as I was not going to miss it! I had 4800 yards to cover, or 192 lengths of the pool, which was hard to think about, but I decided to just do it!  I got in the pool and planned to break it up in to 9-500 yards with a 300 yard c/d.  The first 3- 500’s went great!  Then, half way through the 4th, I got a horrible cramp in my right big toe that radiated up my foot.  Many curses were going through my head as I had been swimming really well!  I took a break, massaged away the cramp and started again.  I made it to a total of 3000 yards and got the same frustrating cramp again! I think this happens from pushing off the wall to hard, so I was careful to pay attention to this during the remainder of the swim.  Next up, the “tween sport camp” all jumped into the indoor pool due to the inclement weather outside!  Lots of pre-teens playing water polo and making waves was actually excellent for my open water training, I only got hit in the head twice with balls thrown into my lane!  I managed to swim the last 1800 yards, despite the distractions and felt great to have done that distance in the pool.

        (My feelings about 4800 yards in the Pool!)

Many bumps in the road during the past week, but I am feeling better as I was able to get in the distances thus far this week.

How is your training going?  Has Summer vacation taken a toll on your workout plans?

Dapinder Dosanjh

Friday 26th of June 2015

Wow, you go girl!