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Ironman Mont Tremblant Training: Back At It!

I just finished up a wonderful vacation with my family.  I say “vacation”, but there was not much rest involved.  We packed as much into our week at the most magical place (Disney World) on earth as we could.   Just for fun, one of the days I wore my Mio Global heart rate/activity monitor and we logged 10+ miles of walking (this did not include my early morning 4 mile run!).

(Here we are at Epcot, the kids were troopers & had a blast!)

We arrived back home late Saturday night and I was exhausted!  I had missed almost an entire week of my Ironman training plan and the guilt was setting in.  I decided I would do the 3 hour Brick on Sunday morning.  Cue “Springing ahead the time” combined with finding out that my son had not 1 hockey game (as I thought), but 2 games at 2 different times at 2 different ice rinks!   This combined with my husband heading immediately out of town for a meeting, along with 6 loads of laundry, and a week’s worth of mail stacked up… I’m sure you can guess that the Brick did not get done, in fact, nothing was done in the form of training.

By late Sunday night, I was starting to feel very drained, stressed, and worried that I was getting sick.       I had planned on getting up Monday morning at 4:45 to do my scheduled bike ride before getting the kids off to school and heading to work.  I made a decision before heading to bed that all I really needed was extra sleep at this point.  I took a look at my training plan and reluctantly switched it to my rest day. Although, I was feeling quite guilty about the change up, I knew it was in my best interest as I had an 11 mile Run to do Tuesday (today) and I did not want to miss it for ANY reason!

It was so hard to get motivated to do the long run, but I knew if it did not get done today that it would not be done at all as my schedule is very tight this week…well, pretty much every week.  It was a beautiful day here in Maine, so I was excited to run outside, which helped get me out the door.  My only concern was that we still have a lot of snow on the roads and the shoulders are not clear or they have huge puddles of water from the “Big Thaw”.  I decided to run loops around my neighborhood for safety.  I have read one too many news stories in the past few years of runners getting hit by cars, so that is always in the back of my mind when I choose my running route.  11 miles of 2.5 mile loops is less than desirable for most people, but I don’t mind.  The neighbors probably think I am insane, but so be it!

(The Big Thaw out here has begun, but still lots of snow on the roads!)

The run went really well and I felt surprisingly good for the first 7-8 miles.  However, by mile 8 my calves were really bugging me, which is unusual.  I think pounding the pavement for that long was a shock to my joints and muscles, as I have logged most of  my miles on the treadmill since January.   I stopped stretched a bit and plugged away at the last 3 miles, a little slower, but I finished!  I was thrilled to have completed this and it definitely gave my confidence a boost after missing so many workouts.  Of course, I am very sore right now, so off to foam roll before bed!

I would love to hear how you manage to squeeze it all in?  What do you do when you need to change up your plans?

(My Garmin, which I love; Hooray, I’m done!; One of my views on the loops)