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Tips for Your Weight Loss Journey

If you’ve decided to shed a few pounds for summer or lose weight to play a more active role with the kids, that’s great. However, there is a reason why most people abandon their weight loss journeys: a lack of enjoyment. Falling into the yo-yo effect of crash dieting before falling off the wagon is unhealthy for the body and mind. Besides, your weight loss journey should be a lifestyle rather than a diet. Here are six simple steps that will help you achieve the desired results.

Change Your Goals

A strong mindset is clearly the greatest asset at your disposal during the weight loss journey. And any other life goal for that matter. If this is going to become a lifestyle commitment rather than a short-term fix, you can probably afford to lose the deadlines. As long as you continue to make positive steps, the speed should not matter.

Ultimately, the destination is more significant than the speed of the journey. Not least because it is regularly suggested that most people should only aim to lose around two pounds per week. Of course, there are exceptions, such as when you are hoping to get in shape for your wedding or land a job. In most cases, though, one of the best things you can do is learn to stop living by the scales. While your weight is a good metric to track, it’s not as important as what you see in the mirror or how you feel in yourself. Not least because muscle is denser than fat.

Make nutrition enjoyable

When actively attempting to lose weight, it will be important to track your calorie intake. At least until you can intuitively make smart choices. However, a diet void of enjoyment and taste cannot be sustained. As with most aspects of the weight loss journey and healthy living as a whole, striking a good balance will be crucial. Do this, and you’ll see far better results.

Beverages are a problem for many people and a source of unaccounted calories. Atkins diet drinks and other choices that fit in with your plan will be key. Not least because the right drinks are a source of low-calorie satisfaction. When used in a tactical way, it can help you avoid food cravings with stunning results.Of course, food should be enjoyable too. As well as finding healthy foods that match your goals, you should be willing to try new dishes and recipes. The discovery aspects can add a lot of fun while also helping you find new favourites. It will fight any threat of boredom.

Make cooking more convenient

For many people, finding healthy foods isn’t the hard part. In truth, the real challenge comes from preparing meals while already juggling busy lifestyles. Sadly, then, it becomes very easy to fall back into old habits of ordering takeaways or cooking nutritionally void oven foods. Adding convenience to your cooking will be vital in the bid for a sustainable lifestyle.

There is a long list of kitchen gadgets that can improve your meals from a scheduling viewpoint as well as a dietary one. Cooking roast beef in an air fryer, for example, shows that quick and easy food can be tasty too. Slow cookers are another great option that take care of the hard work, allowing you to focus on other daily tasks.

As well as using gadgets like blenders or fat grilling machines, you can change your tactics too. Batch cooking and freezing the leftovers for later in the month will save valuable time in the long run. On a side note, it’s a great way to reduce your monthly food bill.

Husband and wife in kitchen cooking

Find exercise you love

Nutrition is the foundation for weight loss. However, burning more calories by becoming more active will accelerate the weight loss journey. Better still, it helps you build and tone muscles. So, you won’t only lose weight. You’ll actively improve your physique and appearance. Again, though, you must not let it become the chore that you dread.

It can be tempting to choose the workouts that you think will burn the most calories. In reality, though, you’d probably be better off finding a team sport or an activity that feels like a hobby. You might burn 20% fewer calories, but you’ll be far less likely to skip sessions. Moreover, you’ll keep up the activity after hitting your goal weight.

Besides, when you love the exercise you do, performance-based growth feels exciting. It will soon transform your mindset and approach to weight loss as a whole. For the sake of immediate and long-term goals alike, it is a major breakthrough.

Make it competitive

As mentioned earlier, it can be useful to remove the time-based deadlines. If nothing else, it removes the threat of falling off of the intended path after failing to hit a milestone. However, that doesn’t mean you should remove all pressure to achieve your goals. Because without an incentive to stay on track, you could easily give up on the process.

Therefore, adding a competitive nature can be the best thing you do. Apple sports watches are a great purchase that track all aspects of your fitness and health. You can subsequently set up leagues with your friends. Whether you compete to see who loses the most weight or runs the most miles in a month doesn’t matter. The competitive edge will add a layer of fun.

Besides, you can use this as an excuse to maintain a good social life. Once you begin to make a mental link between your healthy lifestyle and improved happiness, you’ll find it far easier to keep it up for the long haul. Perfect.

Stop punishing yourself

Finally, you must remember that none of the above steps are designed to help you live the perfect life. There is nothing wrong with having a cheat day from time to time or skipping the gym to attend a wedding. As long as you don’t let it disrupt your progress and endeavour to get right back on track, you will be just fine.


Carola Jain

Wednesday 29th of June 2022

I would say that it's important for people to have more fun with food, creating different recipes to help make the simple act of healthy eating more adventurous. Great insight shared here.