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Tips for Creating a Home Gym

Have you ever considered a home gym design? Well, that doesn’t have to be a dream anymore. However, the process requires a market survey and minimal understanding as to the real needs of the trainee, in order not to be dragged into unnecessary expenses and to equip the room with the really necessary devices. 

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Essential device

A basic home gym includes two aerobics machines (exercise bike / treadmill / elliptical machine), a power machine (multi-trainer) and a weight training sofa. Technologists recommend adding a flexibility device to these as well. Additional equipment beyond the basic equipment includes weights, rubber bands, a small and large ball (physio ball) and mattresses.

Treadmill / running device

When buying, pay attention to a number of parameters: 

  1. Rail width: Energies recommends a rail 51 cm wide, one that will be wide and comfortable. 
  2. Adjustment to the trainee’s data: As the weight of the trainee increases, so should the treadmill that is adapted to carry its weight. Most treadmills can carry a weight of up to 130 kg, but in order to preserve the length of the treadmill, it is advisable to purchase a treadmill that can carry 20% more body weight.
  3. Shock absorber: You should buy a treadmill with quality shock absorbers. 
  4. Pulse control: There are treadmills where a target pulse can be inserted. This feature relieves the trainee of having to guess the pulse and see if they are hitting fitness targets.


You may want to look at an aerobic device that develops cardio-pulmonary endurance. Like a bicycle and a running device it simulates skiing, and in addition develops the upper body. The big advantage of the device is that it does not cause a load on the knees. Thanks to the movement of the legs that is done, similar to the movements performed in skiing, the load on the legs and pressure on the lower back is avoided. The only downside of this device is that it can cause a large load on the back, due to the body’s forward inclination. However, gradual activity will help these muscles adapt to the effort and even strengthen them. 

Multi trainer

The power devices, called “multi”, are based on the principle of the stations: each station works on a different muscle group. Working with weights allows you to work in different positions on different angles of the muscle. It is important to check the softness of movement of the weights. Another important component is the chair, which should be upholstered, comfortable to sit on and adjustable to fit several users. Abdominal exercises and exercises with weights can be performed on these pieces of equipment.  

You should also consider:

  1. Space and safety: Maintain reasonable distances between the devices, in this way a large range of motion is maintained and also safety is maintained. 
  2. Medical condition: Before starting training consult a doctor. An ergometric test can be performed.
  3. Warranty: Check the validity of warranty for devices you own.Ventilation: Check that the room has suitable ventilation. A window does not have to be in it, provided it has good air conditioning.
  4. Suitable floor: It is desirable that the floor be thick. Rubber mats can be placed under appliances to stabilize them, prevent noise and protect the floor.

Richard Smith

Friday 17th of June 2022

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