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The Ultimate Guide to Post-Exercise Relaxation

If you are into your fitness and exercise, the chances are that you relish getting your endorphins raging around your bloodstream. For many people, being active is addictive because they get an immediate buzz when pushing themselves to their limit. Going beyond your comfort zone and completing a personal best in a 5k, doing your best swim in a triathlon or lifting more weights than ever before in the gym can be life affirming. Being a gym bunny or heading for a daily jog can help you feel healthier, help you to shift a few pounds, and can make you feel good.

However, with our busy lives, we can struggle to fit gym time in. Even when you do get a chance to partake in a spot of running, you can suffer from injuries, fatigue or muscle strains. Being active in the gym after having a stressful day at work can leave us feeling tense. There are ways to combat this. Read on to discover how you can enjoy some post exercise relaxation.

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Spas are renowned for being havens of peace and tranquility. Their very existence is to ensure that you are pampered, relaxed and that you want for nothing. Head to a spa to partake in a spot of reiki massage, a mud facial and a session in the Swedish sauna. Don’t think that you have to go alone, although heading away on a solo spa jaunt can have its benefits. You can focus on you, not have to worry about other responsibilities and you can enjoy being a little selfish. Here, you can eat what you want, do what you want and take part in whatever you want. Go with a friend, and you can enjoy the more sociable side of venturing to a spa. A spa can be the perfect way to relax your body and mind post exercise.


If you have never been to a yoga taster session because you have always been under the impression that it belonged in the realm of dreadlocked hippies and people who are obsessed with jasmine and sandalwood incense sticks, you need to think again. Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise to actually help you relax post exercise. While this sounds like an oxymoron, yoga is one of the best ways to learn breathing techniques and postures that not only benefit your physical core, but that will also help your mental well being. If you are a little nervous about attending your first session, you can attend a couples yoga session where you can work with a partner to help you relax. You may even find certain postures require two people to make it work and to feel the benefit from it.

Sit Still

Being still rather than remaining active is key, if you are to truly relax after an exercise session. In our busy lives, we might venture home from the gym to have a quick shower and cook dinner for the kids and do a spot of email checking for work, before completing some household chores. Instead of being on your feet all the time, you need to make some time for yourself to be still. Grab a book, read, enjoy perusing a newspaper, put on your favorite box set or just watch a spot of TV. This may sound sedentary, but partaking in something that allows you to switch off from the other more stressful things whirring around your head can be massively worthwhile.



Get Outside

If you find yourself very much a gym bunny combined with working long hours in an office, you may find yourself never seeing the light of day. This is poor for your mental health and your physical well being. You could choose an outdoor activity to help you to relax. Walking down to your local park, taking the pooch for a walk, or going on a gentle bicycle ride can give you the chance to soak in all important Vitamin D, enjoy breathing in some fresh air, and bathe in the natural light. Natural light is crucial to help regulate your body clock and to lift your mood. Working for an overbearing boss and having unrealistic targets to meet can leave us feeling stressed. To compensate for this, you may head to the gym to pump iron, do a Zumba class or pound the treadmill. However, this can mean that you remain internal. Scrap the gym, and head outdoors for a little while instead.

Relaxing can seem like an impossibility for many. Don’t succumb to aching muscles, painful injuries and stress, and work towards finding your inner peace.


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Wednesday 6th of November 2019



Saturday 2nd of November 2019

This was a great read! I personally am a spa kind of girl! Solo or not ?