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Smart Tips For Keeping Your Family Active 

There’s a lot going on in the world today, but it doesn’t mean getting active and spending time outdoors is less relevant. Technology coupled with recent happenings worldwide means people spend more time indoors, making it tough to keep active. A recent CDC study also suggests a high level of inactivity among Americans, exposing them to several physical and mental issues. Staying active and physically fit can enhance your family’s health, and these tips should make it more fun.

Get everyone involved in home improvement projects

Physical activity doesn’t always mean participating in some sports. The goal is all about getting involved in something that keeps you moving. For example, you can try doing some housework even if you must stay home. There are various household activities to get your family involved and active, including cleaning, washing, gardening, etc. Your kids can help with home improvement projects like painting, decoration, and renovation. Some kids love to engage in activities that look fun and somewhat educational. Despite this, you want to ensure to keep them safe and injury-free. 

Incorporate exercise into your screen time 

Getting your kids up and moving around can improve their energy levels, sleep, growth, and general health and well-being. Kids love their screen time, so it can be useful to find ways to use screen time to encourage physical activity. You can use the ad breaks between their favorite TV shows to engage in physical activity. For instance, you can create a competition to see who jumps the most during the ads break. Consider incentivizing this to make it even more fun for your kids. At the end of the day, you get them moving, and that’s what matters.

Family fitness outdoors 

Families may be inactive because they are not used to spending some quality time together outside. However, starting a new habit or routine is never too late, and you can make regular playtime outside a part of your family’s activities. You can set aside an hour every few days to get your family together and do something fun and engaging. Suggest a few family-fun outdoor activities and see which ones your family may be interested in. 

You can proceed to add more days later and also allow your kids to choose what activity to do on particular days. It could be a bike ride at the park or roller-skating at the sports court. In both cases, you may need the right gear, such as a bicycle or inline skates, to make these activities easier and more enjoyable. Ensure they are age-appropriate to avoid injuries.

Aerobics and music 

Your backyard can be an excellent place to engage in fun, physical activity with your family. You can create fitness challenges and compete against each other in the backyard. You can also play the hula hoop or hold a dance contest. Regardless of the activity you select, ensure it is one you can distribute for the entire week with reasonable targets for every family member to achieve. If possible, break the family into groups and play tag or toss a ball to get your kids to run around for some time. 

Share pet responsibility 

Nearly 48 million American households have a dog, and these people can enjoy health and social benefits by walking them for a few minutes each week. This activity has been shown to lower your stress level, improve cardiovascular health, and help you build strong muscles and bones. Some dogs need walking at least once a day, and others may require more. So making it a shared responsibility among your family can ensure everybody gets some physical activity a few times a week. Additionally, individuals who own pets have been perceived as approachable and friendly, and they enjoy decreased physiological stress, etc.

Seasonal fruit picking 

Summer is among the most anticipated periods of the year, and with upcoming warmer days, it is the greatest time to be outside. Consider planning fun outdoor activities and outings with your neighbors or other families. This may include visiting local farms and collecting your favorite fruits and veggies such as cherries, strawberries, and peaches. Meanwhile, adding some fruits and veggies to your diet will also be beneficial for keeping you and your family’s health on track.

To conclude, your family can enjoy several benefits of being active and spending time outside. These tips are a few you can get started with. They will also bring you together to achieve general health goals for better family life.


Wednesday 28th of December 2022

Interesting tips that family can follow through it.

Electrician Caversham

Saturday 18th of June 2022

I loved your blog post about keeping your family active. It's great to hear about motivation and how to get your family involved in home improvement projects. I'm really excited to hear about your family's progress. Keep up the great work!

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Friday 17th of June 2022

Exercise is the key for success in life. Stay fit and stay blessed.