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Self Care to Compliment Your Exercise Routine

Exercise is an important part of self-care. It helps to keep you healthy, makes you fitter and it’s fantastic for improving your mental health too. But regular exercise isn’t the only thing you can do to ensure better self-care. 

Self-care involves taking care of your body and mind, and finding a balance can help you with this. From eating well to getting plenty of sleep at night, these things will lift your fitness routine, but help you take better care of yourself more generally too.


Get your beauty sleep

Sleep is really important for your health. Not only does it help your body recover (important when you’re exercising regularly), but it gives your mind a break. There are, of course, some beauty benefits too – helping your skin to retain a more youthful appearance. You should be aiming for around 8 hours a day, so if you’re not getting that, then you need to ask yourself why.

Difficulty sleeping is a common problem. There are different kinds of therapies and rituals you can adopt to help you sleep, while CBD products from the Harvest HOC website could also help. When you start prioritizing your sleep, you’ll soon notice a lot of positive changes to your mood and energy levels.

Eat a balanced, healthy diet

If you’re taking your training seriously, you should take your diet seriously too. Eating the right foods is important to feed your body and give it the energy and nutrition it needs to function. This is vital for effective exercise, as well as your overall health too. 

Eating a balanced diet doesn’t have to be boring – there are a lot of healthy meal ideas that are so tasty, you won’t even know how good it is for you. Try to have everything in moderation so that you can still treat yourself from time to time.

Deal with stress in a healthy way

Everyone deals with stress at home, at work and in their relationships, but if you let it get on top of you, you could find yourself dealing with a number of health issues. While exercise can be a good way to relieve stress, there are other things you can do to recover from stress too. Whether you try mediation, taking a bit of me-time or other activity that helps you de-stress, be sure to make time for it.

Give yourself a rest

Exercise is an effective way of helping you feel good about yourself, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing. To help make your exercise routine effective, you also need to learn when to take a break. A break from exercise helps your body and muscles recover, making you less prone to injury or exhaustion. Those recovery days are very important, so make sure you take them!

Exercise is good for your body and soul, but remember there are other ways to take care of yourself too. With the right approach to self-care, you can enjoy an overall healthier attitude to life.


Walk The Land

Monday 1st of February 2021

100% agree with the point about needing rest. I don't have a set rest. Instead, I listen to my body. Last week I ended up taking 2 rest days in 3 days because I needed it.