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Four Reasons Not to Wear Headphones While Exercising

If you are someone who is not able to motivate themselves properly for a thorough workout, music can be fantastic. If you do not have the luxury of a modest home gym or you can’t get down to your local gym right now, going for a run is one of the best things that you can do. Most people feel that in order to get into the zone, they put headphones in and just go for it. And while your favorite songs may motivate you, you’ve got to be careful, as the earphones may not be the best thing for your workout. Why is this?

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They Can Affect Your Hearing (and Your Balance)

You may find listening to music through earphones for a prolonged period of time keeps you in the zone, but over time, they can impact your hearing. Experiencing noise-induced hearing loss is common, but in addition to this, you may very well find your balance is compromised. Because loud music can cause issues within the vestibular system, located in your inner ear, this can impact your balance. While wearing headphones won’t affect your balance, if you find that you start to lose your balance during your normal running route, you may want to remove those headphones.

They Distract You

When you are working out, earphones can put you in danger for many reasons. Firstly, you may not be aware of the sounds around you. When you are running out in public, sounds of oncoming traffic or pedestrians become drowned out, which puts you at risk for accidents. You can minimize this by keeping the volume low and being aware of your surroundings. But in addition to this, you may find that you are more distracted during a workout. You may not be properly focusing on it if you are drowning out your thoughts in music. If you are undergoing a heavy weightlifting session, certain music could break your focus. It can certainly help you if you are on a stationary bike or the treadmill, but when it comes to your safety, you’ve got to ask yourself if the music is distracting you from the task at hand.

Headphones Can Cause Irritation to Your Ears

If you do not clean your earphones regularly, they can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Going to the gym means that you are coming into contact with other people’s bacteria (and questionable hygiene). In addition to this, if you put your earphones in your gym bag, the sweat and bacteria in there can easily make their way to your ear if you do not clean them regularly. Make sure that you store your earphones in their own case, and do not share them with anybody else.

They Can Restrict Your Movement

This is especially true if you exercise with earphones that are uncomfortable or the cord is not the right length. If you’re performing strenuous exercises, you could easily strain your neck. Instead, make sure you purchase wireless earphones, or at the very least, ensure the cord is the right length.