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Five Ways to Use Technology for Better Health

We live in a world full of computers, smart phones and all types of electronic gadgets. These items often get a bad rap and are sometimes viewed as harmful to our health. However, there are many ways that these advances in technology can aid us in actually improving our health. Check out these Five Ways to Use Technology for Better Health.

5 Ways Technology Can Improve Our Health

Technology can help us be more active

This may sound surprising, but there are many ways to use technology to increase activity. For example, fitness trackers, such as Fit Bits can be very motivating. It is easy to set a goal at the beginning of the day to hit 10,000 steps. Watching those steps accumulate throughout the day is fun and engaging. 

Technology can help us keep track of medication

If you are on multiple prescription medications for health related conditions, sometimes it is hard to keep track of the  drugs . However, there are simple ways to use technology to do just that. From setting up a reminder each day on your smart phone to logging the information on a tablet, keeping track of the information has never been easier. Also, you can try installing awesome medical apps like Benecard to get assistance in the shortest time possible.

Technology can help us keep track of calories

When trying to lose weight or simply maintain a healthy weight, counting daily calories is very helpful. However, it can sometimes be a pain to try and figure out how many calories are in certain foods. But with the use of a calorie counting app, like Nutra Check all of that information is right at your finger tips! These apps will even break down how much sugar and salt are in the food.

Technology can help us exercise more easily

There has never been a better time to start a exercise routine right in the comfort of your home. You no longer need to join expensive gyms to take a fitness or yoga class. This can easily be done online almost anytime!  Also, with the invention of equipment like Peloton bikes, you can take classes live and join hundreds of other people taking the same class at the same time. It is very motivating to see other peoples speed on the bike and try too keep up with them!

Technology can keep us connected to other people

An important component of maintaining health and wellness is keeping our mind healthy. One way to do this is by having friends and family to interact with on a daily basis. The past year was difficult for many people due to the social isolation caused by the pandemic. However, many of us were still able to virtually connect with our loved ones thanks to technology! Zoom meetings allowed people to not only see the people they work with, but also their friends and family members.


So Tell Me…

Do you use technology to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle? If so, what is your favorite way that you use it?

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