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Five Benefits of Eating Beets

Beetroot, also commonly known as beet, has become a very popular vegetable.  From being an excellent addition to your salads to lending your soups and smoothies a nice rich color.  It is such a versatile root vegetable.  However, one of my favorite things about beets is how nutritious they are! Check out these Five Benefits of Eating Beets.

5 Reasons to Eat More Beets

Beets Give a Nutrient Punch

One of the best benefits of adding more beets to your diet is that you’ll be getting a powerful punch of antioxidants and nutrients in a package of very low calories. One cup of cooked beets contains just 99 calories.  In that cup, you will also get impressive amounts of fiber, vitamin C, folate, vitamin B6, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium and iron. The high antioxidant content in beets has also been found to play a role in overall health. Consuming more antioxidants each day may improve heart, skin and eye health.  It may also protect the body against various forms of cancer. 

Eat More Beets for Better Digestive Health

Being rich in fiber and other nutrients, beets also turn out to be very beneficial when it comes to supporting digestive health. The fiber content helps add bulk to digestive waste. This will help reduce indigestion, constipation and other gut related disorders. Some experts also claim that regular consumption of beets could reduce the risk of gastrointestinal system disorders including inflammatory bowel disease and diverticulitis.

Roasted beet hummus in the center of a charcuterie platter.

Looking to add more beets to your diet? Give this delicious Homemade Roasted Beet Hummus a try!

Beetroot May Improve Stamina

One of the best benefits of adding beets to your diet every day is improved stamina and energy levels. In fact, several studies have linked the consumption of beets to improved athletic performance due to their high nitrate content.  The next time you’re looking for a little pick-me-up in the morning, drink some beet juice to keep your energy levels up! 

Eating Beets May Reduce Inflammation

Chronic inflammation can increase the risk of a number of health conditions, and that’s exactly where beets come in. These earthy veggies pack in pigments known as betalains, which have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. This reduction of inflammation helps protect the body against a variety of health issues including heart disease, obesity and liver disease. 

That’s not all. Some research suggests that the consumption of beets and beet juice could reduce pain and inflammation in the joints of individuals suffering from osteoarthritis. 

Overhead shot of pink smoothie bowl with bananas, granola and chia seeds.

Consider adding beets to your breakfast menu! Give this delicious Pink Smoothie Bowl Recipe a try! 

Better Brain Health with Beets

This one might sound surprising, but beets could also help support brain health. Since beets promote the dilation of blood vessels, they in turn, improve the flow of blood into the brain. Some evidence points to the fact that the consumption of beets can improve brain health. The increased supply of blood and oxygen into the brain may help reduce the risk of dementia, cognitive decline and other related disorders. 

So Tell Me…

Did you know all of the health benefits of eating beets? Will you add more beets into your diet? What is your favorite way to eat beets?

Thank you so much for stopping by. As Always, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. Have a great week!


Lenial Fitz

Friday 5th of May 2023

I did not know all the benefits of beets.

I will add more to my diet.

My favorite ways to eat them are in a salad or on a sandwich.