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Eight Excuses to Skip Exercising (and How to Avoid Making Them)

Whether you’ve recently started a fitness plan to improve your health in 2021 or you’re a naturally active person, consistency is king. Anyone can follow a healthy lifestyle for one day, which is why it isn’t impressive. Repeating the daily commitment for weeks, months, and years is impressive. Moreover, it’s the only way to actually achieve your goals.

Worse still, making an effort to get fit without seeing results will naturally harm your motivation. Therefore, you must learn to identify the obstacles currently in your way before breaking them down. Here are eight of the most common issues that you may encounter.

#1. Fitness is unenjoyable

When committing yourself to fitness, it’s only natural that you’ll chase quick and effective results. As such, you’ll look for exercises and workouts that deliver the very best progress. For most people, though, this could potentially have a negative impact. 

The fact of the matter is that it’s hard to find motivation to do a workout you hate. Conversely, opting for something you love, like team sports, can work wonders. The activities can become a hobby rather than a chore. And when you want to complete them, you will.

While the outcomes are your incentive, it’s imperative that you learn to enjoy the journey too. Even if it means your progress is slower, staying on track means the results will follow. It’s better to make consistent small progress then take one step forward followed by two back.

#2. You’re starved of time

Millions of people state that they would be more active if they had the time. While the concerns are justified given your career and other responsibilities, you must not let it beat you. Adapting the situation to create more time in the day is your only option.

If the 40-minute round trip to the gym is causing problems, you can always create a home gym. Alternatively, cardio can be completed via local runs. Other options include cycling to work or finding ways to turn daily activities into little workouts.

Perhaps the best solution, however, is to organize your schedule and times. This will allow you to fit in time for workouts and exercise. More importantly, it’ll spur you on to even greater results in other life goals. This feeds into the whole point of fitness – to build a brighter future.


#3. You don’t have the energy

It’s very difficult to complete a fitness routine when you feel exhausted. In some cases, pushing through this barrier may actually put you at risk of causing injuries. Consequently, then, you must tackle this problem head-on to improve consistency and performance.

A good night’s sleep has a huge influence on your body, not least for post-workout recoveries. You may want to invest in new pillows and bedding. Alternatively, you should focus on getting to bed an hour earlier and avoiding screen time before sleep.

Another common issue stems from a lack of nutrition. Many fitness enthusiasts want to lose weight. While a calorie deficit is important you must not starve your body of energy, vitamins, and nutrients. Knowing how many calories you need to safely hit your goals is vital.

#4. Injuries

The saying “no pain, no gain” shouldn’t translate to pain and discomfort during workouts. Sadly, injuries can seriously disrupt your fitness plans, forcing you to miss weeks of training for recovery. If this has been your issue, now is the time to tackle them correctly.

First and foremost, you must implement the right pain management strategy. This means knowing the root cause of your discomfort and knowing how to quickly prevent inflammation and related issues. Moreover, you should consider bandages and supports for workouts.

It’s also necessary to listen to your body. When the signs to stop begin to surface, you must do it. Otherwise, you could aggravate the issue to cause even worse damage. Besides, if you have a knee injury, for example, you can always switch to leg-based workouts.

#5. Bad company

When you set out on your fitness journey, you’ll naturally have good intentions. However, if you are surrounded by the wrong people, they can drag you away from those goals. In turn, you’ll feel even worse than before due to the failure of hitting those targets.

A bad influencer will manipulate you. They’ll convince you that it’s fine to miss a week of gym sessions in favor of playing video games or shopping. And they may encourage you to make poor decisions in other aspects of your life, like making poor diet choices, which indirectly harm your fitness.

Sometimes the bad influencers are the people you actually work out with. Maybe they’re more interested in lifting their iPhone rather than the dumbbells. Conversely, a positive person can help you stay motivated and achieve your goals. They want you to be happy.



#6. A lack of timed pressure

The desire to simply “get fit” is very vague. Aside from the lack of direction, there is an absence of pressure. Setting a deadline creates the urgency needed to drive you on. It will subsequently reduce the threat of missing days or falling off track.

Perhaps the easiest way to create the timed deadline is to sign up for an event, like a half marathon. Once this has been completed, you can find a structured plan that will lead you to the race day. The determination to get a good time inspires you to train consistently.

If losing weight or toning up is your goal, booking a vacation or event can work well. You want to look your best in time for this moment. The fear of falling short steers you away from the temptation of getting lazy or abandoning your diet for more than a cheat day.

#7. I need a social life too

It’s true, you do need to socialize with friends and family. However, fitness isn’t just about getting a better body. It is essential for your ongoing physical and mental wellbeing too. Frankly, you cannot afford to ignore it. Thankfully, there are ways to combine the two.

Right now, social distancing may stop you from having face-to-face meetings with friends. Investing in fitness watches will allow you to compete against each other. This combines social elements with a competitive nature. It also encourages you to track your progress.

Meanwhile, the team sports are a great option for when normality is restored. Playing in an amateur league creates a structure for your fitness plans while you also get a chance to meet up with your pals. It’s almost like adding a midweek bar trip to your weekly schedules.

#8. I’m too unfit to get truly started

The first stages of your fitness plan are the hardest, especially if you have spent a long time away from workouts. Even if you progress slowly, though, you’ll be doing better than if you were to stay sat on the sofa. This is a sentiment that you should hold onto at all times.

Finding workouts for running beginners will help your cause. The most important thing is to change your mindset. It’s easy to get overawed by Instagram instructors or people in the gym. Ultimately, the only person you need to focus on is you. Your progress is all that matters.

There may be difficult moments ahead in the early moments of a fitness plan. However, most people see and feel noticeable changes within a month or two. After this, the process feels a lot easier, not least because you’ll be in a routine. Keep going, you’ve got this!


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