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Ironman Mont Tremblant Training: One Tough Week!

My last week of Ironman Training was one tough one!  With less than 3 months to go until the Big Day, the training has become much more intense.  Last week I logged over 15 hours of training and I even missed one of the workouts!

Here’s a brief look at the past week:

Monday: My plan was to meet a group of ladies at Crystal Lake for my first open water swim of the season.  In the midst of exchanging text messages about the time to meet, one of the ladies (also training for IMMT) suggested we bike up to the lake.  Why not?  This was a great way for me to get in a 90 minute early morning ride before swimming!  One of the other wonderful ladies in the swim group offered to be our “sherpa” and stopped by both of our houses to pick up our wetsuits so we didn’t have to carry backpacks on our ride!   I just love my lady triathlete friends, always helping each other out!! 🙂 It was a beautiful morning and the ride was nice, low key, and enjoyable!  When we got to the lake and I checked the water, I was worried that it was going to be a freezing cold swim. However, after the first 2 minutes of swimming, I was warmed up and felt good!  We swam about a mile, which was a nice first open water swim. Here is a picture of my Swim Prep:

Tuesday: I just had a 5 mile run to squeeze into the day.  I should have done it before work in the morning, but decided to sleep in a little.  I ended up getting off work late and really had to rush the run before the kids got home. I got 4.78 miles in before the bus showed up!  I know it was “almost” 5, but I really am pretty anal about getting in the entire distance… Oh well, I had to let it go!

Wednesday: I had my FTP test at Main Street Energy Lab.  I have to say I was not sure how this was going to go.  My legs were tired from the past 2 very busy weeks of training.  My FTP stayed the exact same as it had the last time I tested.  Honestly, I was happy, as I thought it might have gone down a bit!  Here is a picture of what that workout looked like: OUCH!

After my FTP test, I had a 4200 yard swim to do.  I dreaded doing this distance in the pool, but I had no other choice.  I had to do the swim midday and no one that I knew was eager to come join me for 2.4 miles in the lake (I Never swim alone), which is completely understandable!  Anyway, it was such a nice day out that I did not want to be stuck inside for well 80+ minutes counting laps! However, as I was walking in to the place I swim, it occurred to me that the outdoor pool had just opened up for the summer!  It was a school day and there was absolutely No One in it!

Hooray!! I was able to do the swim outside, which was such a treat.  Unfortunately, I ended up with quite the sunburn on my back and legs because I did not think to put on sunscreen!!

Thursday: There was a 10 mile run on my schedule.  Again, I should have forced myself to do this at the crack of dawn before work!  Same story as Tuesday, I ended up getting out of work late and pressing the clock before having to get the kids.  I ended up getting  9.2 miles in, then made up the difference later walking the dogs!

Friday: My Biggest Day of training so far, My Century Ride/3 Mile Run.  I was so excited to do this! I got everything ready the night before:

Then, I woke up at 4:30 the next morning. My alarm was set for 5am, but I could not sleep, so I got out of bed a little early.  In order to get the entire distance in, I needed to ride on my trainer for a bit.  I did 20 miles of the Ironman Mont Tremblant Course on my KickR trainer, then got the kids up and got them on the bus.  Next, I loaded my bike in the car, along with a cooler full of my drinks and fuel.  I headed to the YMCA, as it would be home base for the additional 80 miles. I chose to start there as it would give me a much more “hilly” ride, then doing loops from my house.  One of my friends met me there and rode for approximately 30 miles with me.  I dropped her off and rode another 10 miles before meeting up with my Coach.  She rode another 30 miles with me and gave me all sorts of wonderful advice on biking and how things would go the day of the Ironman.  It was a perfect day for riding and before I knew it, I had just 10 miles left!  I did the last 10 miles alone, then put my bike in the car and did my 3 mile run.  The run felt great!  I could have definitely run further, which was a good feeling!!  I was so happy to have such a successful first Century Ride.  It alleviated a lot of fears I have been having about the IM bike distance.

Saturday: Rest Day

Sunday: I got in another 1 mile open water swim, which went well.  The water temperature had warmed up from the swim we did on Monday.  I was also supposed to do a 5 mile hill run, but by the time I got home from swimming, it was pouring rain out and I was Tired!!  I decided to give my legs a break and skip the run.

That was my very busy week of training!  I am glad this week is recovery with little to do until the Challenge Quassy Half Ironman on Sunday.  I am looking forward to this event, but I know it is going to be a hard one with tons of hills on the bike and run course!

How was your week training? Do you have any big races coming up?