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Ironman Mont Tremblant Training- Week #14

I just completed Week #14 of training for Ironman Mont Tremblant.  The week went ok, not quite as planned, but I did get all of my workouts in, except one!  Here is the recap:

-Monday: “Unintentional Rest Day”-  I was supposed to do a 45 minute run, which I planned on doing in the morning before work, but when the alarm rang at 5am, I did some quick rationalization that I would get off work early and do the run.  Of course, the day fell apart at work and I barely got out in time to get my daughter to ballet!    I was a little aggravated with myself about skipping this due to poor planning, as there was no other day to really “squeeze” this one in.  I could not help but think of this quote by Jim Rohn:
This does not only apply to running, but just about every aspect of life and I seem to remind myself of this quote more frequently than I would like!
-Tuesday: My Brick Day!  I know I have been putting in a lot of training hours, as my immediate thought when looking at my scheduled ride/run was:  “A short one this week, just 3 hours!”.    I decided to do the Challenge Quassy Half Ironman bike course on my trainer, as I will be doing the actual race in June.  Here is what it looked like:
It is a very hilly course and I only made it through 40.1 miles (in 2 hours 45 minutes) of the 56 mile ride before it was time for my 15 minute transition run.  I know I have a lot of work to do here when it comes to speed so it does not take my forever on race day!  However, I did feel good during this ride, it went by quick & my transition run felt good!
-Wednesday: I typically do a cycling class this day, but decided to do my long run and a swim due to my schedule for the remainder of the week.  I have to admit, I dreaded doing this run and I procrastinated getting out the door.  I finally left myself with just enough time to get it done before picking up the kids as they had a half day at school.  I got myself out the door and ended up having a great run!  The miles ticked away and before I knew it, 11 miles were done at a decent pace for me.  It was a beautiful day here in Maine and I felt great at the end!  
After my run, I had planned on doing an 1800 yard swim, but only ended up getting 1500 yards in due to timing.  The swim felt good on my legs after the long run, but I felt guilty I had to cut it short!
-Thursday: I did an Interval Bike workout, which was tough, but I got through all of the intervals successfully and was very happy at the end! (This was “Downward Spiral” on the Cycleops App)
I got off the bike and immediately headed to the pool for my long swim: 2950 yards.  This was the longest swim so far in my training.  I had a hard time wrapping my head around it, but ultimately just forced myself to get it done!  I started with 1000 yards easy, 100 yard drill, 6 x 150@ 3:00, 6 x 75@ 1:30, then 500 easy.  I was pleased to hit all of the intervals, but it was not fun for me.  I would have preferred to get in the pool and just straight swim the 2, 950 yards, but I know the intervals will help me get a little faster!
-Friday: 6 mile Threshold Run- the workout was supposed to be a warm-up, then hold a 9:16 pace for the run.  I did not think I would have any trouble with this, but my tired legs did not want to cooperate with my brain!  The first 2 miles were miserable, despite doing a a good warm-up.  Mile 1= 9:32, Mile 2= 9:54, Mile 3= 9:16 ( at this point, I had finally warmed up!), Mile 4= 9:17, Mile 5= 8:58, then Mile 6= 8:35 for an average pace of 9:15 mph.    The first 2 miles were so miserable and I could not get my speed up, I was considering aborting the run and felt really frustrated, then by the end of mile 3, I felt better, but resigned myself to not hitting the 9:16 average pace.  However, after mile 4, I felt like a million bucks and just pushed hard!  Running, above all, is such an intense series of mental games… I love it, I hate it, but when I am done with a run…despite how it turns out, I always walk away knowing a little bit more about myself!
-Saturday: I had a delusion of getting up at 4 am to complete that 45 minute run (that I missed on Monday) before heading out to my 10+ hour shift at the hospital, but I chose sleep, and I do not regret it!
-Sunday: Easter!  We had several family activities planned and I was not sure if I would get anything in, but I was able to do my 1 hour scheduled Interval Ride.  My legs were very tired from the week, but I got it done!  Then, I enjoyed the rest of the day with my family!  Happy Easter!!
I will be participating in #MotivateMe Linkup on Mondays hosted by: and  It is a great way to connect with other people for accountability and encouragement to reach your fitness goals, so check it out!

Have a Healthy, Fun, & Fit Week!