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Preparing your Family for Another Covid-Focused Winter

With the new spread of the Omicron Covid-19 variant, many of us are waiting with bated breath to see what the results may be. Questions about its severity and transmissibility have us all feeling quite nervous, especially at a time of year when visiting family members and trying to enjoy the end of the year is supposed to be where our focus lies.

That said, it’s important not to think about everything outside of your control at these times, rather to focus on what you can do to protect yourselves and those you love. While it’s very possible that this new variant could signal a slow decline of the pandemic, none of this is assured, and the picture will probably not be as clear as it could be for a little while.

For this reason, preparing your family for another Covid-focused winter, despite how tired we all are, can be a good way to achieve peace of mind and to protect ourselves and others. In this post, we’ll reiterate our best practices, while also providing some unique advice:

Providing Masks & Hand Gel

The best protective masks and hand gel will be used to keep you protected against potential airborne viruses while out in public. This can also help you avoid spreading Covid if you have it but haven’t been tested just yet.

It can be worth investing in both of these ahead of time to make sure you have enough for the winter, no matter when or if a lockdown is imposed. This can also help protect you against others who may not have the foresight to plan in advance or remain as cautious as you’re being.

Speaking To Your Children

It’s healthy to speak to your children about the new imposed restrictions or the fact that the new Omicron variant might be a matter of some concern. Of course, it’s not worth making them feel anxious or nervous about it, but simply discussing this as a return to being safe should help them understand and perhaps take it more easily if you need to cancel playdates, or if the school gives further advice.

Regular Tests

Regular testing, including a PCR test that can be sequenced, should you test positive, can be a fantastic way of ensuring your family isn’t Covid positive before committing to the tasks of the day. If testing positive, then you can more adequately self isolate with your children and make sure the virus isn’t spread further.

Some schools and other institutions require a Covid test before taking part in planned activities and scheduling, and so this effort can make a tremendous difference in helping you manage normal life in the most careful and considered manner.

Fitness & Health

Of course, keeping our families fit and healthy is a rational approach to take, but it can be even more important to stay healthy to keep our immune systems in great shape. Taking vitamin D and zinc supplements (speak to your doctor before doing this), getting some exercise such as walking the dog and doing stretches or yoga at home, as well as eating healthily can make a major difference.

As parents, we too can limit some of our indulgences that might lead to a slightly weaker immune system, such as cutting out alcohol as much as possible, getting great sleep, and making sure that we manage our stress.

All of this can combine to help a family feel more balanced, more capable, and healthier. This is especially important when hoping to avoid catching or suffering from the effects of illness too much. Of course, speaking to your doctor if you have concerns or questions at any point can be key.

Proper Home Ventilation

Ventilating your home thoroughly at a time of year when you rather have the heat blasting can feel like a relatively silly thing to do. The truth is, however, that ventilation can prevent the spread of viruses well, especially if a family member needs to leave the house for some time, or if you have family members coming and going.

Air purifiers, fans and filters properly placed can be worthwhile. Make sure that your air filters are HEPA accredited, and that your HVAC is in good condition, running it when appropriate. A good trick is often to lock your windows at the ventilation level in order to let a small amount of air in without subduing its security. This way, you can feel comfortable with the home ventilation you require.

Keeping Spirits High

While emotional health is not necessarily a predictor of physical health, it can certainly help your mental wellbeing. It’s important to accept that this new potential Covid-19 variant and its implications have let many of us with already fractious nerves to feel incredibly tired and unhappy with this problem and its effect on our day to day.

For this reason, it’s more important than ever to keep your family happy and your spirits high, to keep your morale boosted and your willingness to keep looking towards the future set. 

This might take the part of playing games with one another, having fantastic movie marathons at the weekend, learning to bake, or simply spending time building LEGO sets. While it’s impossible to come up with any ‘benefits from Covid-19,’ the lifestyle changes it forces us to adapt to can help us try new things and reassess what’s important in life, such as spending more time with our family.

Keep Up With The News

Of course, news changing fast in this field, and so it’s important to make sure families feel capable of keeping up with the day to day happenings.

This can help you plan more stringently, but remember, there’s no reason to nurse your newsfeed every single hour of the day to remain informed. Setting up news phone alerts and checking from time to time can make a tremendous difference, 

With this advice, you’re certain to prepare your family for another Covid-focused winter in the best manner possible.