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Practice Mindful Drinking with vorvida®

This post was sponsored by vorvida as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

After a busy day at work or a hectic day with the kids, it is always nice to have time to relax in the evening.  Many people enjoy having a glass of wine or a cocktail as a way to help them unwind.  Personally, I have always enjoyed pouring a glass of wine and sipping on it while I cook dinner. 


However, over the past year, my  one glass can turn into two or three. I know excessive alcohol consumption can lead to many health problems. I decided it was time to cut back and create a more positive relationship with alcohol. So, I was thrilled to discover vorvida® and learn to practice mindful drinking.

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What is Mindful Drinking?

Mindful drinking is simply the practice of self-awareness while consuming alcohol. It means taking a pause before pouring that glass of wine in the evening. Then, asking yourself why you are having it and paying attention to how much you consume. vorvida® gave me the tools I needed to do this by helping me identify triggers that may lead to excessive drinking. Then, I was able to develop healthy coping strategies to manage them.

What is vorvida®?

vorvida® is an interactive online platform that will help you rethink how you drink. It is powered by artificial intelligence technology that will personalize each user’s experience. 

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How does vorvida® work?

  • Round the clock access: Because vorvida® is a web-based program, it can be used whenever and wherever you want. vorvida® can be easily accessed with any smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Personalized program: vorvida® allows each user to set their own unique goals to help cut back on the amount of alcohol consumed, as well as frequency of use.
  • Clinically proven tools: vorvida® uses clinically proven psychology tools and techniques to help manage drinking habits. This helps identify triggers and change negative behaviors, while developing a healthier relationship with alcohol.

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What can I expect from the program?

vorvida® is a private web-based program that provides a number of tools to help people “rethink the way they drink”.


The foundation of the program is based around four separate chats. The chats are interactive where the user will be provided educational material and tools to help change their relationship with alcohol. During the chat sessions, the user will answer questions to determine what may or may not work for them to help customize the program for the individual.

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During the chats exercise materials – such as worksheets, videos and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques – are provided. 

In the first chat, I learned about self-motivation. Then, I completed a worksheet with the pros and cons of drinking. I have to admit that I had a hard time coming up with many pros for this, which really made me take a pause and think.

The next step was filling out a personal goal agreement. My goal was to reduce the total number of days per week that I consume alcohol to two days, ideally just on the weekend. Then, I completed a worksheet on steps for change.  I found that putting this goal in writing with a plan of how and why I was executing it to be very powerful!

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  • Emails: Email inspiration and motivation is also provided to vorvida® users. These short emails arrive a few times a week with motivational quotes and/or inspiration for alternative activities to drinking. I really enjoyed getting them. They often arrived early in the evening, which was the perfect time for a reminder!
  • Daily alcohol check: This is a daily check in that individuals can use to keep track of the days they consume alcohol and how much they drink on that day. In the beginning, I did this every day, which was very helpful. It felt good each day when I could report zero intake.
  • Daily mood check: The user will answer a short series of questions to determine their mood each day. I found this to be a helpful check-in for me.
  • Weekly check: The weekly check-in asks two short questions about alcohol consumption. Then, it is recorded on a graph so the information can be compared to previous weeks. This was a great way to see the progress I made each week!

Was vorvida® helpful?

Yes! Absolutely! vorvida® helped me stay on track with my goals to drink less. The tools provided through vorvida® were very useful. In fact, these tools can be used in many other facets of my life to help cope with stress. 

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Where do I sign up for vorvida®?

Are you looking for a helpful way to create a more positive relationship with alcohol? Do you have a loved one that might benefit from a program like vorvida®? Learn more about vorvida® by going to their website here: vorvida® and use code CENTRAL40 for 40% off of vorvida® at checkout!


Wednesday 6th of October 2021

This is a unique and interesting program, and very thank you for sharing this information.


Wednesday 6th of October 2021

This is a great tool! It seems like a good thing to add to any self care routine. Even if you don't drink often it still is a good idea to be mindful about it.


Wednesday 6th of October 2021

Sounds like a great tool to keep oneself accountable. I love that there are many different types of tools that can help with weight loss, exercise, meditation.... add this to the list! Thanks for sharing - I hope it's helpful to many.


Tuesday 5th of October 2021

This is really great! Love the idea.

Edith Aguirre

Tuesday 5th of October 2021

This is really interesting, I've been thinking about mindful drinking so this information is super helpful. Thank you