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Leaving Lockdown Life Behind

For the past year, most of the world has been in lockdown limbo, thanks to the ongoing Corona Virus pandemic. It has been tough on everyone, with vacations and family get-togethers canceled, sporting events and awards shows happening virtually and schools being closed. We have spent much of the year in our own homes, not venturing out too far or with too many people.

However, the future is looking brighter, with vaccines available and some countries managing to successfully reduce numbers to a point where life has started to get back to normal. We are all hoping that in the next few months, we will be able to start leaving the lockdown life behind.

The thing is that so many of us have gotten used to living this way. A year is a long time, and when the time comes to restrictions being lifted and life becoming normal – or as normal as possible – it will take some time to readjust. In this post, we are going to look at some of the things that you can start doing to prepare yourself for leaving the lockdown life behind.

Lose the lockdown weight

Many people have joked about putting on the “Covid 19”, referring to the weight gained in the past year. With so many of us having to stay at home, plenty of us have rediscovered a love of cooking and baking, making meals and treats that if we were at work and school as normal we may not have had the time or energy to make. This of course is great – more families enjoying homecooked meals and learning how to cook is never going to be a bad thing – but it also means that a fair few of us have piled on the weight. By simply moving more and cutting down on the number of calories that we consume, we can lose a few of those excess pounds, but if you need something a bit more structured, the Ideal Protein plan is worth taking a look at.

Think about your media consumption

The media – whether it is newspapers, the news on the TV or radio, or news sources online can be both a huge help and a huge hindrance when it comes to situations such as the one we have found ourselves in. It can be helpful to be up to date with what is going on in the world, but it can also cause us more worry and make things seem worse than they are. You do not have to stop watching the news, but instead, consider how much you read and from what source. For example, information from a reputable news channel is going to be more reliable and up to date than a website that anyone can contribute to. Avoid reading the comments sections on Facebook and news reports as well, as these can be both untrue and anxiety-inducing.

As things stand at the moment, we do not know exactly what the world is going to be like when the pandemic is over.  What we do know is that we can get back to normal at some point, and it is ok to start thinking about how you will deal with leaving the lockdown life behind.