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Is a Vegan Diet Expensive?

There are many people who have opted to eat vegan and there are others who are still on the fence. One of the most popular questions about the plant based lifestyle that is asked: Is a Vegan Diet Expensive. This is an important question to ponder, with so many people living paycheck to paycheck, it’s important to know what the costs are that can be associated with eating vegan before you commit to this change. Today I’ll dig a bit deeper into the topic and answer this frequently asked question.

Is a Vegan Diet Expensive Pin

Is a Vegan Diet Expensive?

The simple answer is no. No, it isn’t necessarily more expensive to eat vegan. You’ll find that most vegans have a diet that focuses on vegetables, fruits, beans, rice, and pasta. Those are some of the cheapest things to eat on Earth if you think about it.

A spread of vegan food.

Don’t Buy Mock Products

You don’t need to buy the soy-based meats or mock cheese to be a vegan. While some vegans do want their cheese and meats, so they opt for the mock and soy options, they’re not necessary. If you truly want to go vegan on a budget, then stick to the basics. One of my favorite quick and easy recipe is this Vegan Ramen Soup.

Ramen with Vegetables in a brown bowl.

Opt for Legumes

When looking to get your protein with a vegan diet, you can opt for legumes. These are low cost, and quite inexpensive. Lentils, chickpeas and other legumes will provide you with the protein you need when you opt to go vegan without breaking the bank. Whip up this delicious Chickpea Salad Sandwich for lunch!

Head on view of Sonoma Chickpea Salad Sandwich with a second sandwich behind the first one.

Eat Nuts Sparingly

Cashews, almonds, peanuts, and flax seeds are delicious and easily added into your vegan diet but they carry a higher price point. However, they are filling and add a delicious texture to recipes. They are also a great snack! One way I keep the cost of buying nuts lower is buying them in bulk from Amazon or Costco.

Buy Raw

Raw fruits and vegetables are fairly inexpensive. The key is to buy your fruit and vegetable options during their peak season. When purchasing raw vegetables and fruits off-season they will be more expensive to consume when you start your vegan lifestyle.

Going vegan isn’t just about what you eat, it’s a whole new lifestyle. One in which you’ll opt to go with products and foods that don’t come from animals. While there are some slight variations of the vegan diet, for the most part, it’s an inexpensive way to eat healthier and lose some weight.