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Four Fun Ways to Mix Up Your Exercise Routine

To keep your body and mind in shape, it’s vital to have a great fitness regime. Every now and then we get bored of our work-out, and when this happens, it can be hard to motivate ourselves. If you’re looking for a few unique ideas, try these fun options.

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Check out a dance class

Looking to shake up your exercise regime? Dancing is plenty of fun and there are so many different styles of dance classes to choose from. Whether it’s Latin, hip-hop, swing or burlesque, why not give yourself a dance challenge in 2022? In-person dance classes are a great way to make friends, and some classes even have dance socials. If you’re not feeling that brave yet, try a dance fitness app instead.

Try open water swimming

Swimming is one of the best activities for your body and mind. It’s a great way to improve your cardiovascular health, build strength, and de-stress. Open water swimming in lakes is therapeutic, and being outdoors is a great endorphin boost. If you’re swimming in cold water it can be challenging at first. Once you get used to it you’ll be having a great time! Swimming in cold water has its own added health benefits, you’ll boost your immune system and improve circulation.

Beer yoga class

If you love beer and yoga, you’re in luck! This new type of fitness class is really trending this year. So how does it work? Just how it sounds, you practice yoga poses, while pausing to take a sip of a beer in front of you! If you’re keen to get involved with something quirky, this is the class you need. There are so many great reasons to practice yoga, including:

  • Yoga is the best way to reduce stress levels.
  • You’ll improve your flexibility and posture.
  • Increases core strength and stops you from obtaining injuries.
  • Tone muscles and soothe aches and pains.

Join a running club

Find it hard to motivate yourself? Exercising with others is a great way to stick to your goals. Joining a running club can be plenty of fun, you’ll discover new running routes, trade tips, and meet new people. If you’re not sure where to find a running club, start by checking out apps like Meet Up or Facebook. Giving yourself new challenges is a great way to improve your wellness levels.

Health & safety tips

When you’re trying a brand new exercise activity you must look after your body. Make sure that you warm up properly, and inform your instructor of any injuries or health conditions. Failing to warm means you might be more likely to obtain an injury. Most sports injuries can be treated at home, if you think you’ve experienced a more serious injury you may need to seek out urgent care.

Hopefully one of these four ideas will help you to shake up your fitness regime this year. Try setting a few fitness goals, to help you stay on the right track.