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Five Tips to Keep Greens Fresh Longer

It’s that time of year when I love hitting up the farmer’s market and buying locally grown produce. Sometimes I go a little overboard though, but fortunately I have some tried and true ways to store my vegetables so they do not go bad quickly. Check out these Five Tips to Keep Greens Fresh Longer.

Five Tips to Keep Greens Fresh Pin

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5 Tips to Keep Greens Fresh

Tip #1: A Puff of Air 

Probably the most intriguing of all methods, this one just needs you to place your greens in a plastic bag, blow air into it (using your mouth) and quickly twist and tie the bag such that it is filled with the air and the greens inside. The carbon dioxide will help your greens stay fresh for a longer time. 

Spring salad mix with edible flowers in a plastic bag.

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Tip #2: The Food Bag Method for Greens Storage

Literally the easiest way to store those extra greens that you just bought is using the food bag method. This simple way of storing greens is also a great way to make use of  resealable food bags. All you need to do is thoroughly wash your greens and dry them. I dry them by putting them on a layer of paper towels. Then, I put an additional layer on top of them and press out the moisture.  Next, carefully wrap the greens in dry paper towels. Place them in the food bag, ensure all the air is out and then seal the bag. That’s it! The greens are now ready to go into your crisper! 

Tip #3: Freeze Spinach and Kale Greens

Oh yes, you read that right! If you just picked up enough spinach or kale to last you all summer, freezing it could be your best option. Start by balancing the greens (immersing them in a pot of boiling hot water and then in a bowl of ice cold water). This process may take a few extra minutes, but it is totally worth it if you want to preserve the crispiness and freshness of the greens. 

Frozen greens in a bag on a cutting board

Once done, place them on layered paper towels to get the moisture out. Place a layer of paper towels on top and press down until the greens start to dry. Then, wrap the greens tightly in plastic wrap or a reusable food storage bag and pop it in the freezer. 

Tip #4: Store Greens in a Container

This method is quite similar to the food bag method, with only one little change. You’ll need to use a plastic storage container instead of the bag, and just make sure that you cover the top of the greens with another layer of paper towels before you close the lid. With this method, it is also a good idea to avoid stuffing too many greens into the box. 

Tips #5: Use Organic Cotton Bags to Keep Greens Fresh

There are tons of options out there if you’re looking for food grade storage bags, but the best option is, undoubtedly, organic cotton bags. These mesh bags allow air to flow in and keep your greens fresh in the refrigerator for a longer period. 

fruits vegetables in reusable mesh cotton bag, plastic free zero waste concept

So Tell Me…

Do you love buying veggies in bulk? What is your favorite way to store greens? Do you have any secrets on how you keep to them fresh longer?

Thank you so much for stopping by! As always, I would love to hear your feedback in the comments section below. Have a great week!