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Five Excellent Health and Nutrition Careers

Health and nutrition doesn’t have to just be a hobby it can be your career. There are several careers out there that you can have where you can take what you love to do the most and turn it into a pay day. 

Here is a list of health and nutrition careers that will put you in the center of all that you love. 

Nutritional Therapist

One of the most fulfilling jobs in nutrition is being a nutritional therapist. Your main career objective is to help others lead a healthy life through making good nutritional choices. You will work one-on-one with patients who have eating disorders and need the tools necessary to have a healthy relationship with food. 

Sports Dietitian 

Athletes perform at their best when they have the right kind of fuel in their bodies. As a sports dietitian, your main goal will be curating the perfect diet so that your athlete can go the distance. Sports dietitians will work with an athlete in their chosen sport and find what foods and meal plans will produce the most energy, muscle building, and stamina. You could be the very source of an athlete’s success, and you will do it all through good nutrition. You may also participate in first aid training as you will need help if you fall prey to an injury. Certification can be gained from and similar services, so look for 

Athletic Trainer

Want to be in the thick of it all? Athletic training is the career for you. Athletic trainers not only have a vast knowledge of sports medicine and physical therapy, but they also can create nutritional programs and training exercises for athletes. Trainers can perform these same tasks themselves to determine their efficacy allowing for trainers to be involved in the exercises and athletics they love while making a living.

You may also participate in first aid training as you will need help out when injuries occur in athletes. Certification can be gained from and similar services as well!

Hobbies can become viable careers, and if sports and nutrition is what you love the most, you can easily make both of those things your livelihood. By doing what you love and making money while doing it, it won’t feel as if you are working at all, and that’s the goal for everyone’s life.


Nursing is one of the most influential careers in the medical field. As a nurse, you can do more than just work in a hospital. You can also be a health educator and be on the front lines of teaching nutrition and great health habits before someone has a medical issue. Getting your online master’s degree in nursing is easy and will help you earn a high payday. Of course, you have to have your bachelor’s in nursing first, but it’s well worth the educational work to make great money while doing what you love. 

Physical Therapist

Physical therapy works out the body and the mind. Injuries can have a negative effect on someone’s mental health, but PTs help get patients back on track and back to doing what they love. Runners sustain countless injuries over time, and physical therapy helps get these athletes back on course and back to the sport that has given them so much. Without physical therapists the careers of many athletes would have ended prematurely.