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5 Common Signs Your Skin Needs More Care

If you are keen to make sure that you are looking after your physical wellbeing as best as you can, there are a lot of things you might want to focus on. One of the most important of these is your skin. Your skin is actually much more important to your body than you might assume, and more than people generally think. But in fact, if you are taking care of your skin, it means that you are probably taking care of your body in general too.

5 Signs Your Skin Needs More Care

One of the things you should bear in mind here is knowing how to spot that your skin might need some care and attention. Let’s take a look at some of the more common signs that this might be the case, and what to do about it if these signs do indeed crop up.

Woman with itchy skin


We all get itchy from time to time, of course, but if you are suddenly or persistently itchy, then that can be something that you want to pay close attention to. It can be an indicator of something deeper, and it can also just be a sign that your skin needs some better looking after, which can happen for a lot of reasons.

You can become tichy for many reasons, and of course the underlying reason is important to understand so that you can fix the problem. In some cases, itchiness is the result of simply not being clean enough, so you should certainly think about giving your skin a good wash to see if that fixes the issue. At other times, it can be something more long-lasting, and you’ll want to look into skin conditions and itchy skin to see whether you might be developing a skin condition that wants some care and attention.

Whatever it turns out to be, itchiness is definitely a sign that there is something up, so it’s the kind of thing that you will really want to pay close attention to if possible.


You might have had a sallow complexion for much of your life, or you might not even know what it is. But in either case, sallowness is one of those things that you will certainly want to look into, if you think you do have it. Sallow skin refers to skin that is somewhat off-color, or it might be even a little yellow-looking. At first, and especially if it appears quite suddenly, this can be a sign that worries you quite a lot. However, it is usually fixable, so try not to worry too much, even though it is something that you should not overlook either.

So what is sallowness a sign of? Normally, it’s a result of one or more of the following causes. First of all, it may be due to smoking, which is one of the worst things you can do for your health and which is also really bad for your skin in general. It can also be a result of a poor diet, this being one of the major elements in what makes skin look a certain way. Try to avoid smoking, and to avoid inflammatory foods as much as possible as well. You might also want to cut back on your dairy consumption, if possible. Generally make sure that you are eating plenty of vitamin-rich foods too. All of that will help to keep your skin from being too sallow, and that will indicate that it is generally healthier too.


At other times, another sign that your skin might need a little extra love and care might be that it feels a little thin to the touch. This is the kind of thing that is actually quite hard to describe until you have felt it for yourself, but it’s certainly something you’ll be aware of if it happens for you. Thin-feeling skin is skin which is less resilient than it used to be, and which is therefore probably not as healthy as it once was either.

To counter this, take a look at the external factors that might be influencing the health of your skin. Are you exposed to a lot of pollution? Do you smoke? Or are you perhaps drinking more than you should? All of these can impact upon your skin in this way, so they are the kinds of factors that are worth looking into as best as you can, and changing whichever of them you might have the power to change.

You might also want to consider whether you have been experiencing more stress than usual lately, and if so it could be that you just need to try and keep stress at bay a little more in whatever way you might be able to do that. If you can manage that, it is likely to help your skin considerably.


As well as thin-feeling skin, it might also be tight – or it might be tight without feeling thin. In either case, tightness is another important sign that you will not want to ignore, as it can indicate that your skin might be in need of some help. One of the most common culprits that cause tight skin is cleansers which are overly harsh, and which therefore strip away a lot of the skin’s natural oils. If your acid mantle is disturbed in this way, you will find that your skin is considerably tighter, and this is actually a sign of it being unhealthy.

So you will of course want to switch to a gentler cleanser, if you are having that kind of issue arise for you. You should also take a look at how much water you have been drinking, because it might simply be that you have been getting dehydrated, which will cause problems with the top layer of your skin and therefore cause it to be a lot tighter.

Again, even though some people seem to think that tightness is something to aim for after cleansing, it’s actually an indicator that something is wrong, so you should be careful to avoid it happening.



Dull skin is one of the first skin problems that people tend to spot, perhaps because it often seems to look unattractive and you might prefer to have skin that is glowing rather than dull. In fact, dullness is a sign that there is something wrong and that your skin needs some attention. In particular, dullness is normally a sign of dead skin cells, so you might need to exfoliate more in that case. It can also be due to pollution and other external factors which might need addressing, and as we have already seen, that can’t hurt to look into at least.

You might also have dullness if you have recently changed skincare routine or moved to a new brand of cleanser, so it’s important to keep an eye on what you have been doing in this regard. You might find that just changing something back again is all you need to do to help get your skin back to a better state of repair.

As you can see, there are plenty of common signs that your skin might need some help. If any of these appear, you should make sure to do something about it immediately, so that you don’t struggle to keep it looking great. And remember, it is all tied up with your general health, so it’s a really good idea to make sure that you are looking after your skin as best as you can.

Carola Jain

Monday 12th of September 2022

Skin care matters and there are many signs that indicate it can use some help. Great tips shared here!