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4 Reasons Why Oral Hygiene Is Important

Practicing good oral hygiene – ensuring that your teeth are as free of decay as possible, and keeping your gums and tongue infection-free – is crucial for many different reasons. Regular brushing and flossing, visiting your dentist at least once a year (and ideally twice), and straightening your teeth with a SmilePath aligner so that you can get to each one to clean it properly are all excellent ways to practice oral hygiene. Yet why is it so important? What harm can an infection really do? Read on to find out.

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It Affects Your Overall Health 

When you think about it, your mouth can easily affect every other part of your body; whatever you swallow will enter your gut or your bloodstream, and either do you good or do you harm. Therefore, if you have an infection, that is going to affect the rest of your body too. 

The cleaner you can keep your mouth, the less chance there is of developing an infection, which means that infection won’t spread to other areas of the body, most notably the heart. Studies have shown that gum inflammation has a direct impact on heart inflammation which can lead to heart disease and can even be fatal. 

Early Detection Of Oral Diseases

The cleaner you can keep your mouth, the easier it will be to spot when something is wrong. Whether you notice it yourself or your dentist does, if your teeth are clean and your gums and tongue are free from infection, any anomalies that might lead to something more problematic can be picked up much sooner. 

This is why a visit to the dentist should be undertaken even if you don’t feel there is anything wrong and you are taking care of your oral hygiene. Picking up on potentially life-threatening diseases as early as possible can change the outcome to a much more positive one. 

Prevents Tooth Loss 

No one wants to lose their teeth. Apart from the difficulties that would arise when it came to eating and enjoying food, it would have a serious impact on your general level of confidence. Plus, it costs a lot of money to have dentures, or even just one false tooth. This money can be put to much better use elsewhere in almost any area of your life rather than paying out for new teeth because your own had to be removed or fell out due to lack of oral hygiene. 

Tooth loss is a much bigger problem than you might have realized and is the result of tooth decay or a bad gum infection that loosens the tooth. Although regular brushing and flossing is a good start, having a professional dental hygienist clean your teeth is just as important to ensure that every bit of plaque is removed. You risk having to go through an extremely painful procedure such as root canal therapy if you fail to maintain good oral hygiene, so it’s certainly worth the effort if you want to maintain a perfect set of pearly whites. 

A Better Smile 

Good oral hygiene means that you’ll have a much better, brighter, healthier smile which, as we’ve already said, will give you a lot more confidence. On top of that, appearances do make a difference in many cases such as in job interviews or when meeting someone for the first time. Discolored, crooked, unpleasant teeth can be off-putting, whereas clean, straight, cared for teeth are much more attractive. 

Don’t forget, if your teeth aren’t in good condition, some aesthetic dental treatments could be off limits to you. For instance, orthodontists will often check the health of your teeth before they provide treatment for two reasons. First, if your teeth are in poor condition they could get damaged during the adjustments. Second, it’s unlikely that they’ll move much at all if they are not healthy.

When you’re able to maintain a smile to be proud of, you’re much more likely to let it show. You’ll be able to encourage people to feel welcome and appreciated with just a flash of your teeth, and you can give off the best first impression as someone who is kind and caring. People will believe you to be a happy and outgoing person if you always have a confident smile plastered across your face, and the best way to begin such a journey is by taking better care of your oral hygiene! The more time you spend taking care of your teeth the better they will look, so be sure to take the opportunity to stay on top of oral hygiene if you’re aiming to maintain a striking smile that catches the eye of whoever is around you.  As an additional bonus, when your mouth and teeth are clean, your breath will be better too.