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4 Creative Ways to Beat Stress

We all deal with stress from time to time – no matter how unwelcome it may be. For example, you may be feeling stressed over your finances (and your spending habits) or an upcoming deadline at work. However, while there is no magic spell we can utter to banish stress from our lives entirely, there are certain steps we can take to ensure we can better manage our stress levels.

Usually, stress-busting guides will talk you through the basics of stress reduction. That is, exercising, spending more time outdoors, or simply talking to others about how you are feelling. However, if you’ve tried out these methods before without optimal results, you may feel as though there is simply no way in which you can reduce your stress levels. 

That’s where you’re wrong! With that in mind, here are four unusual ways in which you can beat stress, leaving you feeling happier and healthier every day!  Check out these 4 great ways to reduce stress.

4 Ways to Reduce Stress

Try acupuncture

There are many benefits associated with the practice of acupuncture – and stress reduction is one of them. This is because acupuncture can help to relieve tension in your body and help balance your nervous system – lessening feelings of stress and anxiety. If you’ve never experienced acupuncture before – don’t worry – your acupuncturist will know exactly which areas of your body to target in order to deal with any of your health concerns and will also be able to answer any questions you might have. 

Go camping

The benefits of spending time outdoors in order to reduce stress are well-documented; however, if you’ve been feeling stressed for a while, a quick walk around the park might not be enough. Instead, why not get up close and personal with nature and go camping? Not only is this a great way to clear your mind, but it also gives you a chance to take a break from the chaos of your everyday life in favour of a more peaceful routine. 

Force a smile

Stress reduction is just one of the real health benefits of smiling and laughing. This is due to the fact that the act of smiling (even if it feels forced) causes our body to up its production of serotonin, the hormone that leaves us feeling happy and relaxed. Therefore, whenever you feel the stress creeping in, take a few deep breaths and smile. You’d be surprised about the impact this can have on your mood. 

Fall asleep quickly with a blue moon milk

Sometimes, our stress levels impact our ability to sleep, which leaves us feeling restless, irritable and even more prone to stress than we were the day previously. However, there are various ways in which you can combat a lack of sleep. For example, you could settle in for the night with delicious blue moon milk, which includes natural herbs and spices known to reduce stress and anxiety. Furthemore, studies suggest that drinking a warm drink of any kind before bed is a great way to help you drift off to sleep, especially on a cold winter night.