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15 Group Sports to Try this Summer

It can be challenging at times to get yourself motivated to do some exercise, especially if you are not the sort of person that enjoys going to the gym or joining an intense fitness class on your own. You could always try out a team sport or activity instead if you prefer the companionship of others and want to get out and about this summer, particular once the weather is nice. Here are some enjoyable team sports and hobbies to try out this summer to get you inspired.

The Best Group Sports for the Summer

Baseball Game

You could not compile a list without of course including baseball in it.  This combines hand eye coordination, running and batting all in one and it is certainly enjoyable to play as it creates a bit of fun competitiveness amongst the teams. Be on the lookout for a recreational league to join or gather a group of friends for an afternoon of fun!

Wiffle Ball

This is a more simplified version of baseball, which can be played in a smaller area, if space is an issue. The main objective is to outdo the other team on the number of runs you can achieve. You just need a bat, a ball and somewhere outdoors to start the game. 


If you enjoy diving into the water and having a good swim then you could join a local swimming club to enjoy group activity at a more competitive level with races. There is also the option of joining a group of outdoor swimmers who enjoy going to lakes, rivers and in the sea. If it is your first time then it is definitely advisable to go with someone who is more experienced so that they can guide you through and you are not swimming in a remote location all alone which can be quite dangerous. 




If the weather is lovely and sunny and you can gather together a group of people to head to the beach with then why not try out volleyball. It is an enjoyable sport that can be played with a small number of people and will get your running around to hit the ball back over the net to the opposing team. The sand will also be a nice soft surface to land on compared to a hard indoor court setting. 

You could also play this in the sea forming a giant circle in the middle and attempting to bounce the ball to each other for as long as possible without it landing in the water. This will make it more fun and interesting. 


You just need to round up a small team of players, a court to play on and a basketball and you can begin playing. It is a simple game to follow and is a great physical activity to do with all the running around that is required. 

Lawn Bowls

Not just for older people to play, lawn bowls can be enjoyed at any age. It is great for hand eye coordination and for strengthening your arm muscles. You need to work out how hard or softly to throw the ball so that it reaches the jack (the smallest ball) as near as possible. The idea is to knock your opponents bowls away so that you are as close to the jack as possible. All you would need to begin a game is a flat surface lawn to play on and a set of bowls and you are good to go. 


If you own a bike and have some basic cycling attire, then why not join an outdoor cycling group. It gives you the opportunity to cycle with other like minded individuals and head to different destinations together. It is certainly more enjoyable than cycling on your own and is good for cardiovascular fitness. Once you gain confidence you could then progress onto mountain biking as well within your group meet ups. 

KanJam Fun

A relatively new activity, KanJam is a cross between frisbee throwing and ring toss. The concept is to throw the disc towards the kan or inside it to score points for your team. The team that reaches up to 21 points first will win. This is really good for hand eye coordination as you focus intently to get the disc to land where you want it to. 

Disc Golf

This is a good all round activity as it incorporates concentrating skills and the ability to judge your obstacle shot. The aim of the game is to throw your disc towards the metal basket in as few throws as possible. So similar to golf, where the less shots you have the higher your score will be. You do not need a professional venue to play or specialized equipment, all you need is a disc, a basket to aim towards and some people to play with to get started. 


An interesting racquetball game that combines elements of tennis, table tennis and badminton is Pickleball. It is an energetic sport that enables you to run around trying to hit the ball over the net just like you would in tennis or badminton. In order to hit the ball you are going to need a beginner’s pickleball paddles which will be suitable for the game. You do not want to use a table tennis size paddle as it will be too small. 


This combines a physically active sport along with a fun team based atmosphere. You would need to play in a paintballing venue as they would be able to to provide you with the necessary equipment to protect yourself and the paintballs guns. The first team to eliminate the opposing members by shooting a paintball at them will win. 

Cornhole Competitiveness

This is a more relaxed fun game that can be played in small groups or made up of larger teams competing against each other. It does not need to be a special occasion to play Cornhole. All you need are two raised planks, with a hole towards the end and some bean bags to toss, to see who can get as many in the hole. The first player or team to reach 21 points in that round wins. 

Ring Toss

Similar to Cornhole Toss, this is another activity which involves throwing towards a target. This time instead you need to toss a rope ring and aim it towards one of the pegs, which provide different scores. The more rope rings you can get on the pegs, the more points you will accumulate quickly for yourself and your team. 


This is something a little different, which is perhaps not as intense physically, but it is a good competitive game to play with others. It is probably ideal to visit an archery venue on your first attempt so that a professional can give any necessary guidance before you head out to purchase your own bow and arrow set. It can also be played by children so it can be a fun family activity to do as well. Another activity that is good for hand eye coordination as well and maintaining focus. 

Group Runs

You definitely do not need much sport equipment for this, some comfy trainers and practical running gear will suffice and you can get going. If you are new to running, it might be worthwhile going on a group run with other like minded people as a way to ease into it and pick up some useful tips. It will also help encourage you to get out and about in the morning when knowing that you are meeting up with other people. It is also a great opportunity to socialize and meet new people. You might end up establishing some great new friendships through the mutual love run of running, as once you get started you will most likely be hooked. 

Overall you do not need to be over exerting yourself to be able to be physically active. If you can find a sport or hobby that you genuinely enjoy then you are more likely going to want to do it as opposed to feeling like you have to in order to lead a healthier lifestyle.The most important thing is to be able to get out and keep fit whilst also enjoying yourself, so it is certainly more fun to share this experience with other people this summer. 


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