About Angela

Welcome to Marathons & Motivation! My name is Angela and I am a Mom of 2, Wife, Registered Nurse, Runner, Triathlete, & Cooking Enthusiast. I started my Marathons and Motivation Blog in February 2015, as I began training for Ironman Mont Tremblant. I wanted a place to share my Ironman Journey, as well my other fitness adventures, which includes running marathons, cycling, & distance swimming.

Becoming an Ironman was a dream of mine that started when I was a 13 year old girl whom loved running track & competing on the local YMCA swim team. At some point, the dream was lost during my 20's & 30's, as I worked my way through College, became a full-time Registered Nurse, then became a Mom. It was a wonderful time, but I always felt something was missing. I found that "something" when I completed my first sprint triathlon in 2011. Coincidentally, it was put on by the local YMCA.  Moments before I crossed the finish line, a flood of memories came rushing back to me of myself  as a 13 year old girl dreaming of becoming an Ironman. It was an epiphany and I knew at that very moment, I had to follow my dream. I spent several years building up my fitness before tackling my goal. I am happy to say that in August of 2015, I officially became an Ironman, it was one of the proudest moments in my life. 

Once the Ironman was completed, I realized how much I loved sharing my journey through blogging and social media, so I am looking forward to continue to write about my running & triathlon training.  I have also expanded the Blog to include my other beloved hobby, Cooking. I recently began to co-host a weekly Blog Party called: The Sunday Fitness & Food Link-Up, where other bloggers come to share there favorite fitness & food related posts that they have recently written. Please stop by & check it out!

Thank you so much for visiting Marathons and Motivation!