Five Tips for Running Disney

This week I am sharing my top tips for running a race at Walt Disney World. Disney races are extremely popular and it seems that each year Run Disney adds at least one new exciting event to the race calendar.

30 Minutes or Less: Quick & Easy Meals

This week my kids had to be in two different places at the same time on 3 separate days! Thank goodness for car pooling. With all of this shuffling, I struggled to prepare a good sit down family meal each night. However, this week, I am determined to do better and I am sharing my plan with you! I have put together 5 of my favorite meals that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less. They are all family friendly and delicious!

Five Fabulous Fall Races

Fall is here and I am loving the cooler temperatures here in Maine. This is my favorite time of year for biking and running. I do not have any races planned now, but I wanted I am  Five Fabulous Fall Races that I have participated in before or I hope to tackle in the years to come.

10 Conventional Food Rules You Should Be Breaking

We've all been warned to count our calories, drink skim milk, trim the fat off our meat, and use Splenda, but do these habits actually make us healthier? I really don't think so. Breaking these 10 conventional food rules has made me feel and be so much healthier. Read them, try them, and tell us what you think!

The Amazing Apple!

Apple picking season is right around the corner here in Maine! My kids and I were just talking about the best orchards to visit for this favorite Autumn activity. We were reminiscing about the hot apple cider and warm, freshly baked apple donuts that we enjoyed last Fall.

Pumpkin Power!

 I enjoy Fall for so many reasons: it's my favorite time to run, I love the beautiful foliage here in New England and I look forward to Autumn harvest cooking. One of my favorite ingredients to use is Pumpkin!

Coping with Fear & Anxiety on the Bike

Last Monday night, I was preparing all of the things I needed for my Brick planned for the next day. I had a 60 mile ride and 3 mile run to get in while the kids were at school. The timing was tight, so my plan was to get the kids off, then hop right on my bike! I

The Ironman: A Selfish Pursuit?

A couple of months ago an acquaintance and I were talking about running and triathlons. She is an avid runner and also enjoys doing olympic distance triathlons. She mentioned that 2 of her friends had recently trained for an Ironman.

Crockpot Mexican Chili

The kids headed back to school last week marking the end of Summer and the beginning of a busy Fall! One of my favorite things about Fall is making a variety of crockpot meals.  It is so wonderful to know that at the end of a long, busy day dinner is ready to be served.  I also love the aroma in our house after a meal has been slowly cooking for hours.

Meyer Lemon Gelato

I hope you are enjoying these final days of Summer. Last week I shared my Sweet & Tart Meyer Lemon Bar recipe, which was a big hit here. I had bought a bulk supply of the Meyer Lemons at Costco, so I found myself with several left over that I did not want to go to waste. I ended up making a fabulous Lemon Gelato with the remainder of the lemons, which I am going to share here.