Sunday Fitness & Food Link-Up: Caesar Potato Salad

Welcome to the Sunday Fitness & Food Link-Up! This week I am sharing a Caesar Potato Salad recipe, which is a tasty alternative to traditional potato salad.  The recipe serves approximately 12 people & it is quick & easy to make.  It's a perfect side salad to take to your Memorial Day Celebration or next Summer Party.

Tri Talk Tuesday: Going Aero without Going Broke

"Going aero" in terms of cycling can also be thought of as "free speed".  In other words, the more aerodynamic you are on the bike, the more efficient you will be, enabling you to go faster without increasing your effort.  Who wouldn't want to go faster without increasing their work? It sounds great and certainly can be, but for the recreational cyclist or triathlete, a minute time savings on your bike split can cost a small fortune! Of course, the greater the distance the bike segment (i.e. Sprint Tri vs. Ironman Distance), the bigger the time savings will be.

Sunday Fitness & Food Link-Up: Smoothie Recipes

Welcome to the Sunday Fitness & Food Link-Up! The snow has finally melted and the tulips are blooming, which means Summer is not too far away. One of my favorite things to make every day during the warmer season is Smoothies. I love packing lots of healthy ingredients into the blender and then drinking it as I head to work or recover after a long training day. The other thing I love about Smoothies is that you can add Protein to them to turn them into a nutritional powerhouse!

The Friday 5: Favorite Inspirational Quotes

This is my #1 favorite quote when it comes to running and triathlons. When I feel like giving up or when I am faced with a challenging circumstance I think of this quote by the Ironman legend. How will I feel tomorrow, next week, or a year from now, if I don't give this my all?  I had a very difficult time at Ironman Mont Tremblant after my shifter broke on my bike and I almost did not finish the race. I could not envision "not finishing", it was unbearable to imagine after what I had done to just get to the start line.  So, I did everything within my power to get to the finish line that day! 

Triathlon Training: Searching for Time

This past week was a huge celebratory week for my family. My husband & I had our 13th Wedding Anniversary on Monday, his birthday on Wednesday, our daughter turned 7 on Friday, and I got to officially move into the 45-49 year old age group today, as it is my birthday! So many good things happening, but when my son asked me bright and early one morning, as I was hunched over a pile of laundry, what I wanted for my birthday... I replied, "More hours in the day & someone to do the laundry for me." He frowned and walked away, it was definitely NOT one of my finer parenting moments, but an honest reflection of how I was feeling at that moment. I did try and pave it over with a "just kidding buddy, a JCrew gift certificate would be awesome!", but I  don't think he bought into it. 

Sunday Fitness & Food Link-Up: Cheese & Veggie Strata

Welcome to the Sunday Fitness & Food Link-Up! This week I am sharing a breakfast favorite that is very versatile: Strata. A strata is a layered, baked dish of eggs, bread, & cheese with the addition of vegetables, herbs, &/or meat.  I have prepared it with veggies & cheese, but you can add anything that you would like. Some variations I have tried include adding sausage, bacon, spinach, & artichoke hearts.  My favorite thing about this dish is that it is best prepared the night before, so when you wake up in the morning you just pop it in the oven and bake. 

The Friday 5: Tips for Ironman Training

1. Be Selective when choosing your race -The Ironman is a huge commitment. Take a look at several races, talk to people who have done the race, look up information on-line, etc. to make sure it is the right fit. For example, if you dislike hilly terrain and are not used to training on it, maybe Ironman Lake Placid is not for you. Or if you live and train in a cold climate, but then find yourself in the heat of Ironman Texas, it could be a struggle. Of course, with the proper preparation, anything can be done, but try to take into consideration all of the variables of the event.  Will your family & friends be there to help sherpa? Do you have young children that will be there? Is there housing close to the event for convenience, etc.?  I could write an entire post on this, but briefly, envision the entire event from start (the day you arrive) to finish and imagine how it will work. This may sound like overkill, but the last thing you will want is extra stress about things outside of the race, so if you can pre-plan, it will take that piece out of the equation.


Gluten Free Blueberry Cinnamon Streusel Muffins

Welcome to the Sunday Fitness & Food Link-Up! First, I want to wish everyone a very Happy Mother's Day! I hope you are enjoying a wonderful & relaxing day. Now, I would like to share this quick and easy Gluten Free Blueberry Cinnamon Streusel Muffin recipe. I made these Friday morning for the kids before they headed off to school and they were a big hit!

The Ultimate Coffee Date: May

If we were having Coffee.... I would share with you that April was a crazy busy month! It was a good crazy.... filled with family time, work, April "staycation", and triathlon training. However, the month just flew by. I struggled getting in all my triathlon training, which is hard on my mind, but I am doing the best I can, while maintaining the balance with my family.

The Friday 5: Wetsuit Tips & Tricks

1. Lubricant: Use some kind of lubricant on all exposed skin before putting on your wetsuit.  I love using Tri Slide, but there are several products out there, including Glide.  These products make it easier for you to don your wetsuit, as well as protect your skin from any chaffing.  A common spot I chaff is on the back of my neck where the velcro connects together.  I put an ample amount of Tri Slide or Glide in this particular spot.

My Perfect Day & My Not-So-Perfect Week

Last week I had just completed several Recovery workouts in the midst of my Half Ironman training. I hit every workout and was feeling pretty positive that I was getting back into a niche of  actually doing ALL the prescribed workouts within a week, but then life happened...Again. I will admit that I need to work on time management skills, but I am struggling with finding big chunks of time to train.